Monday, 16 March 2015

`The Very Metal Diary of Cleo Howard' Authoer Sarah Tipper Book Review

Cast your minds back; remember those delicate teenager years before you worried about taxes, rents and who did the dishes? The Diary of Cleo Howard or should I say the Very Metal Diary of Cleo Howard throws you back to the 90’s, and being a kid meant putting up with the Teletubies being at number one in the charts, the fabulous Woolworths was still on the high street and Noel Edmonds being on TV, oh wait ok that’s not changed yet...

But anyway, the Diary is written from the point of a 15 year old girl from Reading strangely named Cleo, beginning as you’d very much expect a diary to start in January with all the hopes, dreams and aspirations for the year and life. 

As you’d expect there’s a lot from the mind of a 15 year old, there’s a lot of banal chit chat, from what she had for dinner to who said what at school, but within all that banality of the teenager years, there’s a lot that happens within this year of a young girls life from her first foray into sexual adventures through to her first concert, yet great sadness as Cleo’s father passes away. 

The diary of a young metal teenager should be taken as a retrospective look back at your own teenager years, from your first loves, friends, just how much your parents pissed you off. Myself included can look back using this book as a guide to see how much alike both sexes are especially at an age where you feel everything is at odds with you. 

This is definitely a fun page turner, making us all look back when we were young and how we were all probably a little awkward.

8.5/10- For those that remember Adrian Mole’s Diaries but with added Metal.

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