Friday, 29 June 2018

Scream For Me Sarajevo `DVD Review’

When you watch horrific footage from far off countries, whether that’s from distant past or the recent, do you really think that anything like that could affect you? 

`Scream For Me Sarajevo’ is a particular documentary that perhaps isn’t one for the faint of heart, containing footage from the era and interviews from those who were there during the height of the siege. So to hold a concert during the very pinnacle of sniper and flak fire, you’d think whoever put that on was stark raving bonkers. 

Well they certainly were nuts, but what humans really need during times of struggle and real hardships is simple; and that’s hope. Hope for a better day. 

Bruce Dickinson, from Iron Maiden, decided even through all the meetings and being told how unsafe the zone would be, simply put the UN forces could not guarantee their safety, decided in his and the bands infinite wisdom to hop aboard a brightly painted van and into the very heart of the war torn city. 

However, through all of the interviews with Bruce and the bands members, the real significance of the documentary comes from the Bosnian Metal heads; the Bosnians’ who you see being interviewed, to those in the documentary seen running for their lives in blood soaked blankets and the sound of gun fire as woman and child run for the hills. To remain positive despite harrowing events, that is ultimately the message here. 

What a documentary like this does is really showcase the best and worst of the human condition. Why people want to slaughter another human, who’s loved and cared for by others, is beyond any sane reason. It’s thanks to documentaries like this and interviews from eyewitnesses, who saw the travesty is what gives this documentary real heart and emotional context. For example, a harrowing moment where one of the interviewees tells their story of seeing a child being shot by a sniper, and if you don’t have a heart when the footage is rolling then frankly, there’s something very wrong with you. 

10/10 – A stunning documentary well worth the watch, not just for Maiden fans, not just for history buffs, but a real documentation of both the true horrors of what humanity can do and more importantly the human need for positivity! 

Scream For Me Sarajevo online: