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Evanescence `From Hammersmith with an Orchestra` Live from Hammersmith Eventim Apollo 9th April 2018

Photo credit: Nathan KP

Evanescence on their new album `Imperfection` veered away from their harder sound to include more classical elements, some fans could have been a little disjointed by their directional shift. 

Yet, musicians shouldn’t be tied to a sound that fans cling onto with all of their might, if they as musicians choose to go in a new direction or include elements that help them grow as musicians or even allows the genre to grow, why not? 

So when Evanescence announced they would be accompanied with a travelling orchestra, it was perhaps a little met with uncertainty, although other bands have done this in the past ala Dimmu Borgir etc and been met with approval across the board. 

Perhaps due to the stylistic design of Evanescence’s make up they are perhaps more suited towards this venture, however discussing this in theory always seems like a good idea, yet but put in practice is another matter. 

Photo credit: Nathan KP

Arriving on a cold rainy Monday night, the Eventim Apollo is sheltered by the concrete monstrosity of the Hammersmith flyover, the area is a washed with a sea of black glad individuals ready for a night of musical fusion between the gothic and classical. With only a short set by the accompany orchestra for tonight’s warm up act, it’s certainly a prelude to what’s to come. 

Without much delay, well pretty much bang on 9pm, the orchestra takes their seats ready and waiting for the arrival of the band. With the stage set and both sides of where the band will sit flanked by local orchestras from each location. The band enters and takes their seats to a thunderous rapture from tonight’s crowd who eagerly await the arrival of Amy Lee, whose appearance on stage, nearly takes the roof off the Apollo (Scream For Me Hammersmith, much). 

Now without sounding to negative to what Amy and Evanescence have achieved in their career, it does feel as though being flanked by more orchestral elements is their proper mission. 

Armed with all the hits from `Bring Me To Life’ through to `Good Enough’ and `Lithium’, the band have taken what where predominately bombastic heavy rock songs and transposed those rip roaring guitar parts into majestic orchestral visions through the use of brass and particularly striking violins that work so well with Amy’s impressive vocals. 

There were on very few occasions Amy’s vocals did appear a little lost although this was literally due to the sheer volume and number of musicians on stage with them. Also just as a small personal note, it would have been amazing to here Sally’s Song from Nightmare Before Christmas sung by Amy backed by full band and orchestra. This was played with just the orchestra before the main set. 

Photo credit: Nathan KP

With those minor points aside, this is what I feel Evanescence should be doing. It felt very natural for the band to be flanked by an orchestra and certainly the band and in particular Amy oozed utter confidence. Although, personally I’d not rather see them lose any of that rocking edge, this maybe what we see more from Goth rockers in the foreseeable future. 

10/10 – Evanescence hit every note perfectly on their gothic symphony adventure ride. 

Evanescence Online: 

Evanescence Main Set List: 
1. Overture 
2. Never Go Back 
3. Lacrymosa 
4. End of the Dream 
5. My Heart Is Broken 
6. Lithium 
7. Bring Me to Life 
8. Unraveling 
9. Imaginary 
10. Secret Door 
11. Hi-Lo 
12. Lost in Paradise 
13. Your Star 
14. My Immortal 
15. The In-Between 
16. Imperfection 
17. Speak to Me 
18. Good Enough 
19. Swimming Home

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