Monday, 26 March 2018

NECROPHOBIC release Brand New Video for 'Pesta'

Backed up by the tremendous success of their recent studio album “Mark Of The Necrogram”, Swedish death worshippers NECROPHOBIC have released a brand-new video for the album track 'Pesta'.

You can watch the video here: 

Rated “album of the months” in magazines such as Dead Forever, Rock Hard, Close-Up, Legacy or Spark, “Mark Of The Necrogram” is an album filled to the brim with soon-to-be classic tracks: 'Pesta', 'Tsar Bomba', 'Lamashtu', 'Requiem Of A Dying Sun' or the all-devouring monster title track which combines all the elements that make NECROPHOBICsuch an outstanding band – northern death metal mastery with wicked riffs, hellish voices, pounding rhythms and outstanding melodies.

This is not just another great album in an almost flawless discography. This is one of the best death/black metal albums from Sweden in recent years.

NECROPHOBIC line-up (from left to right in the above picture):
Johan Bergebäck – Guitars
Alex Friberg – Bass
Anders Strokirk – Vocals
Joakim Sterner – Drums
Sebastian Ramstedt – Guitars


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