Saturday, 10 March 2018

Interview with Tribulation!

Hi gentlemen, how are you all today? 

Hey, all good thanks! This is Adam answering this interview! 

Ok, so let’s hit straight off with the usual 

1. How was the tour with Arch Enemy across Europe? 

Very good thank you. It's always difficult to tour Europe and especially the UK and we had our big share of bad luck on the tour with various things not going our way, with sickness and vehicle problems and whatnot. Nothing unusual, but more than usual. That was behind the scenes, on stage though things were great! It's always a privilege to play in-front of so many people as we did this time and we got 45 minutes every night so we had a chance to show people what we are made of. In the end I think we made a lot of new fans! 

2. What were the highlights of the tour? Did you notice how much growth and new fans emerged from this past trek across Europe? 

The shows were the highlights! Apart from that it was very nice those days when the venue was in or close to a city since we had a lot of time after the shows. It had been a while since I saw Paris more closely, since we usually just play and leave, and we also had a very nice nightly stroll through the streets of old Lyon. Sure, probably a lot of new fans, I think we'll notice in the future. It was also beyond cool to have Doyle (The Misfits) stalking the corridors behind the stages on about half of the tour. Very nice guy!

3. As this is a written interview, can you give us a brief history of Tribulation? 

We started in 2004, when we were still teenagers, with the intent of playing some kind of extreme metal, influenced by a vast array of thing, like movies, heavy metal obscurity, art, the night and so on. We recorded our first album called The Horror in 2007 but didn't release it til 2009. We did some touring during this time but didn't start out touring actively until our second album The Formulas of Death was released in 2013. Since our third album The Children of the Night we've been on Century Media Records and that's where we are right now. Through out these years our music has undergone a transformation, but we try to keep in touch with our roots and our inspiration is more or less the same now as it was back then, but it comes out in a different way.

4. Why the name Tribulation? What does this name represent to you when thinking about the art you create and perhaps yourselves as musicians and people? 

Originally it wasn't much more than a cool word we found in the lyrics to a Morbid Angel song. And it's doesn't necessarily have to be more than that as it now is the name of the band, not the word Tribulation. But as any name it has a meaning! In the band context it's come to mean what any band struggles with, which is over coming hardship, trials and tribulations. Not only that but overcoming anything that binds you down to be able to come to a new place. The word is also biblical which is very fitting for the band.

5. To those who are unfortunately unaware of Tribulation, could you describe the band in one sentence to explain? 

Dark necromantic metal to the psychedelic beyond and back. 

6. How has the reaction been to `Down Below’? Personally, I learnt about you from another reviewer on Youtube and just had to check it out, and I loved the real mix of styles. 

Overwhelmingly good to be honest! We did have some pressure in this regard since our last album got very good reviews as well. This was something I think we initially thought of when we had just started composing the album, something we've never thought of before, but when you get deep into it any thoughts like that just vanish, luckily. 

7. What inspired your lyrics on the album? 

In the past our lyrics have often revolved around religion, spirituality, “the occult” initiation and other quite other worldly thing, and this time around there's no difference. Our lyrics don't really contain a message of any kind and often have more than one meaning. Ideally they work as inspiration and paint a picture for the listener to dive into, as does the music, and hopefully they'll take you to a different place. They go hand in hand so to speak. 

8. With regards to the album artwork, you guys design the artwork and the layout but where do you gain that inspiration? Is it via the music, films, art, all of the above? To me, your artwork resembles German Expressionist art especially from films like Nosferatu or Cabinet of Dr Calligari. 

All of the above and anything at all. It can really come from anywhere. Lately I've been very inpired by old matchboxes. Nosferatu and German expressionism has been with us from the very start which should be fairly noticable. What we found in Nosferatu (both movies) was an essence of something that we then tried to express though imagery and soundscapes through the medium of a heavy metal band, this has been the case since the first album. 

9. How do you guys kill time on tour? What did you guys experience in the UK that perhaps you’ve never done before?

There's usually not so much time to kill, there's always some work to be done! But when we do have time we try to take walks, see the city we're in, go to churches and graveyards, do regular tourist shit, eat a good meal, read a good book, go to the cinema, work out. We try to take every chance we get to do something like this actually since you usually don't get to see much other than the venues. I have been to, say, Berlin probably 15 times but I still don't feel like I know the place at all, so when there's time we try to get busy! Touring is many times about travelling the world without actually seeing it, and we're trying to change that as best we can.

10. Finally, what hobbies do you have outside music? 

I try to spend as much time as possible with my family. Other than that I try to read as much as possible, stay fit and sane (or insane). 

Thank you so much for doing this interview, it was a shame we weren’t able to do it on Tour with you guys!