Sunday, 11 February 2018

Soil Interview - Kentish Town Forum London 07/02/2018

Soil questions

Welcome to the Metal Hobbit Speaks blog! – How are you doing? Ryan, congrats on the wedding recently bro! 

1. Ok, so this is only the 2nd night of the UK tour but how was last night’s show at Bristol? 

2. Ok, so on a personal level, what are some of your musical influences that help inspire you when writing lyrics? 

3. What bands/singers got you personally into music and specifically as a vocalist?

4. Understandably, the band reached its 20th Anniversary last year, what prompted you to not only put together a special commemorative CD release but how did you decide on some of the perhaps lesser known songs? 

5. How has the reaction to the commemorative album been? 

6. What have you got up your sleeves for the next year? 

7. You guys seem to have a very special relationship with the UK, why do you think that? 

8. How do you guys kill time when you’re on the road? 

9. Also we like to know what do you enjoy when you’re at home, when you can relax?

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