Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Arch Enemy Wintersun & Tribulation KOKO Camden 11th February 2018

The cold chill of Winter still has its strong grasp over the capital, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner or was at least at the time of writing and world has now seen the end of the Fifty Shades film saga (Thank you Satan for letting it come to an end finally!). 

Yet here tonight, the gathering is for none of those reasons. As Swedish metal titans Arch Enemy and company head to Camden’s KOKO to warm up this frosty crowd.

Tribulation Photo Credit: Nathan KP

Up first are a strange bunch, we don’t like classifications too much but where do you put Tribulation (6) on the Metal tree? 

Are they Black Metal? Well yes and no, visually and vocally certainly they are from that vein however they also have gothic elements thrown in for good measure as well more traditional heavy metal melodies within their guitar work. 

Anyway that explanation of Tribulation helps explain the affect the Swedes have on tonight’s gathering metal masses. Although, by no means was the performance bad, far from it, this is a band that breaks boundaries of where it lays within the metal world. The crowd tonight where either far to frozen as they emerged into the venue from the bitter chill of winter or simply they weren’t ready for what they heard it just felt a little flat during the mainstay of the show. Yet the crowd are very receptive to the Swedish outfit giving them a rapturous applause as the band leaves the stage. 
Wintersun Photo Credit: Nathan KP

Up next and by far a very different beast is Finnish metallers `Wintersun’ (8). A band that’s far more akin to tonight’s headliners and boy are the crowd pretty much up for it from word go. 

Despite only having 3 studio albums as their back catalogue, Wintersun really do pack a punch and the crowd are in full swing whether that’s belting the songs back to the Fins in fine voice or hitting out the circle pits during the bands aggressive sections, certainly it gets the crowd pumped up for what’s to come.

Arch Enemy Photo Credit: Nathan KP

So to tonight’s main feature, Arch Enemy (10) have been on something of a rollercoaster ride over the past few years with the extraordinary response to their previous two albums `War Eternal` and `Will To Power` have help skyrocket the band to headline Wacken Open Air. So tonight’s venue albeit it grand by its very design is perhaps a little small for a band of Arch Enemy’s current stature. However, Metal just feels more that home in smaller venues, where bodies and sweat intermingle and moshpits rise up in every corner of the venue. On tonight’s showing Arch Enemy are on absolute maximum overdrive, ripping through all the greats at blistering speed yet always maintaining their melodic sensibilities. Alissa is just a perfect vocalist with an impressive range, just take a listen to `Reason To Believe` through to `Nemesis`, she can handle it all and does so brilliantly well for tonight’s rampant crowd. 

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