Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Atrocity Interview

1. Hi guys, how are you today? Where are you chatting to me from in Germany?

2. So looking back a little, “Die Gottlosen Jahre” chronicled the bands 25th Anniversary and looked back at all you’ve done in the industry. That was released in 2012, so you what does the band have in store for its 30th Birthday? 

3. Looking back once more, your last album “Okkult”. How did you feel the reactions to the album were and to the tours that you went on? 

4. So you’ve gone back to Massacre Records that you spent a large portion of the 90’s on. What was the reason behind the switch from Napalm Records to Massacre? 

5. I love the EP “Masters of Darkness”, it’s very much keeping in line with “Okkult”. What was the reason behind an EP and not just bringing out “Okkult” Part 2? 

6. So any fan of Atrocity should have seen just how varied your influences and musical direction has been over the years. What are your influences/inspirations when writing currently? 

7. Also how did you come by the artwork for “Masters of Darkness”? 

8. Speaking of “Okkult” 2, what has been done so far on the album? 

9. What are Atrocity’s plans for 2018? I do hope a UK Tour 

10. Finally, what do you enjoy outside of the band? What are some of your hobbies? 

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