Wednesday, 5 July 2017

ENSLAVED Finish recording their 14th studio album!

Photo credit: Christian Misje 

It is accomplished - the Norwegian Progressive Black avantgardists ENSLAVED have completed the recording process of their 14th full-length masterpiece, and in the renowned Fascination Street Studios, Jens Bogren has polished this new raw diamond with his mixing and mastering skills. Just like for their predecessor ‘In Times’, which stormed the rankings of the biggest European magazines, the metal veterans from Bergen still never look back and keep on expanding their horizons. And this spring they created a spectacular sound chimera of experimental prog filled with majestic melodies, epic sound landscapes and stirring black metal moments - all united in a grand storm that will reach us this autumn.

"I'm always psyched and proud when we finish an album recording, and this is no exception!" states singer Grutle Kjellson. 

"It was a really exciting process this time, with the line-up change and everything, so although it wasn't a dramatic change, the band dynamics were suddenly different. But, it was like a little re-boot, a fresh start so to speak. The studio sessions were great, and we all feel that we have done something truly amazing. We hope you'll enjoy it. Ugh!"

More info on ENSLAVED's pending maelstrom will be revealed on August 11th.

In the meantime, enjoy ENSLAVED's latest album ‘In Times’ that was released in March 2015 via Nuclear Blast, which blew away both fans and journalists. 
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Enslaved will be touring the UK and Ireland as support to Opeth in November: