Thursday, 15 June 2017

Evanescence Live at Hammersmith Apollo 14th June 2017

On a hot summer’s night, when there’s no darkness to cover over the thousands of black attired individuals waiting patiently outside of Hammersmith Apollo, would surely mean a huge sticky mess or at the very least Ice Cream sales from nearby shops would skyrocket. 

Tonight, the gathering crowds swell for Evanescence on this their 2nd sold out night in West London, the band who formed back in 1995, and really bursting onto the world stage with their 2003 `Fallen’ album and yes they appeared on Top of the Pops all of those years ago. 

Arcane Roots: Photo Credit: Nathan Kerridge-Porter

First up for tonight’s Goth rock crowd to chew over are Arcane Roots, who certainly after their 40 odd minute set do if seem very out of place to support Evanescence. The 3 piece band, who were born only a few miles away in Kingston-Upon-Thames, combine a mixture of Indie Rock along with slab of Progressive rock, unfortunately does very little to excite the already heaving crowd of rabid Evanescence fans. 
Arcane Roots would be better suited to support Biffy Clyro, certainly they look more akin to the Scots.

OK, so let’s get some personal ranting out, why do people want to record the entire concert on their phones or worse still a huge iPad?
The sheer amount of these individuals recording on all of their wonderful devices was for the better part the most irritating aspect of modern concert going. Certainly take photos, record your favourite song but holding your phone up and recording the entire gig, not cool! 
People did not pay their hard earned cash to enjoy the moment, only to have the privilege to watch through your phone screen, put it down and enjoy the moment. RANT OVER! 

Evanescence: Photo Credit: Nathan Kerridge-Porter

Onto the reason why the several thousand black clad ladies, gentlemen and everything in between are here in attendance, `Evanescence’.

Evanescence was an absolute delight, powerful, energetic and tight as a frog’s backside! The set list was pretty much any fans dream, full of classic songs and best of tracks from each of their albums, without a new song in sight, their new album will be out later this year. The crowd belt back `Everybody’s Fool’, `Call Me When You’re Sober’ and `Bring Me To Life’ at the band almost in perfect angelic unison. It’s in the astonishing acoustic rendition of `My Immortal’ that is a wonderful surprise and Amy’s voice is very dynamic, especially so on the soft songs.

So Evanescence were top notch tonight, slaying the crowd with a superb array of songs and sounding incredible on a warm night in West London, Amy Lee is driving the band and boy is it poised and ready for more fun and adventures.

Evanescence: Photo Credit: Nathan Kerridge-Porter

8/10- Evanescence brought Hammersmith to life tonight. 

Stand out songs: 
`My Immortal’, `What You Want’ and `Call Me When You’re Sober’

Set List:
1. Everybody’s Fool
2. What You Want
3. Going Under
4. The Other Side
5. Lithium
6. Breathe No More
7. My Heart Is Broken
8. Made of Stone
9. Haunted
10. Weight of the World
11. Say You Will
12. My Immortal (Acoustic)
13. The Change (Acoustic)
14. Whisper
15. Call Me When You’re Sober
16. Imaginary
17. Bring Me to Life
18. Your Star (Encore)
19. Disappear (Encore)

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