Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Decapitated `Anticult’ Review

Death Metal is a worldwide entity; it ranges from the US through to Sweden, all across Europe and as far into the Middle East.

As the world got smaller, Death Metal spread and Poland has really became a powerhouse of the scene, along with Behemoth and Vader, Decapitated are very much one of the horsemen of the scene. Formed in 96, they’ve gone through quite something, a tragic car accident in 2007 that claimed the life of a founding member. It’s was certainly a tribute that the band was reformed in 2011. 

`Anticult` is Decapitated 3rd album in 6 years, it opens with `Impulse’ and above all, this is a perfect indicator of `Anticult` overall resonance, its extreme metal with so much more added to the witches brew. With cleaner guitar parts to set the mood, the track then opens up with a heavy groovy riff that’s akin to Meshuggah with its downright precise intensity. At just over 6 minutes this track personifies just how Decapitated can take elements from other spheres in metal and apply it to extreme metal and not just make it 6 minutes of pure blast beats. 

Song 2 is `Deathvaluation’ and it carries on from its predecessor in it’s particularly groove mentality, especially within the guitar solo. It’s fast, there’s a hell of a lot of widdley in there but more importantly ultimately it’s very memorable and certainly one that people will try, although expect some bleeding fingers to attempt it note for note. It appears that Decapitated has an adage of thrash into their niche and with this solo they pay homage to their heroes of Exodus or Testament, melodic, aggressive but certainly memorable is the order of the day for Decapitated on `Deathvaluation’

The two singles `Earth Scar’ and `Never’ are much later on in the album structure, yet listening to them and how they are laid out and within the record ultimately you really get a superb taster of the rest of the songs on the 8 track extreme opus, clinically aggressive, fast and with a heap of atmosphere.

One aspect of listening to an album is the way in which it flows. Now in this day and age, an album is merely a collection of singles readymade for a quick listen or as part of a shuffle playlist, so listening through `Anticult’ from start to finish it flows well, each track seamlessly into its successor and doesn’t feel disjointed or any point like they just slapped a song where they felt like. Honestly, it feels like they took the time to really set this up, strange to think that an extreme metal album could be a harmonious affair.

If you love extreme metal with added thought, flow, groove, speed and intensity then ultimately this should be your new favourite album. Poland seems to be churning out some real blasting extreme metal and `Decapitated’ are certainly at the forefront with `Anticult’.

9.5/10- The complete extreme metal album, flowing, aggressive 

Stand out tracks:
`Never`, `Impulse’ and `Deathvaluation`

Track Listing:
1. Impulse
2. Deathvaluation
3. Kill The Cult
4. One Eyed Nation
5. Anger Line
6. Earth Scar
7. Never
8. Amen

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