Friday, 23 June 2017

Bloody Hammers `The Horrific Case Of Bloody Hammers’ EP Review

Dynamic duos in the musical sphere appear to be dominated by siblings, think Pantera, think AC/DC, literally how many are there that have utilized a sibling paring at one time or another. Ok, now think the same for married pairings, ok there’s definitely a list but it’s fair smaller than that of siblings. Within the Metal world, it’s probably even smaller; Bloody Hammers does certainly contain such a pairing.

Bloody Hammers, whom hail from Transylvania, although that’s North Carolina, not within Romania where Count Dracula was set, anyway they are a husband and wife team that musically crossbreeds Doom Metal, Occult rock and certainly a heap of Dark Wave for good measure. This release is a comparatively small one, yet essentially it’s pretty long for an EP, 6 songs in full count.

Opening up the EP, the first two tracks `Gates of Hell’ and `Blood’ deliver that side of Bloody Hammers that really showcase the harder more metal edges. A fully loaded doom metal riff that although quite simplistic, it drives the song whilst the added synthesiser adds that extra colour and atmosphere to make the tracks take on a different life that with the riff alone wouldn’t have perhaps held a longer listen or many playthroughs. 

Not being too familiar with the Darkwave side of musical exploits, I’m not sure if people would consider `The Beyond’ a particularly Darkwave song but it has those elements that I have come across in my very limited reception to bands like `Depeche Mode’ and `Joy Division’. Yet, Bloody Hammers kept this individual entertained and intrigued through `The Beyond’, thumping beat and atmospheric use of the synthesiser, it to my ears had the feel of an 80’s dark sci-fi movie soundtrack. 

Overall, the EP as a whole is a perfect introduction into what Bloody Hammers are and what they do. A band, which treads the murky waters of Doom Metal and coupling that with elements of Darkwave, while adding in occult imagery and lyrical content. If that sounds like your type of fun then quite honestly, you’ve found your new love affair.

9/10- A perfect look through the viewing glass at what Bloody Hammers do.

Stand out tracks:
`Gates Of Hell’, `Beyond’ 

Track Listing:
1. Gates Of Hell
2. Blood
3. The Beyond
4. Vultures Circle Overland 
5. All The Colors Of The Dark
6. The Bloodsucker Leaders The Dance

Bloody Hammers online: