Monday, 15 May 2017

Alestorm `No Grave But The Sea` Album Review

Isn’t it strange, how many sub-genres of Metal music there actually are? Metal itself is a sub-genre of rock music which has now evolved into this huge branch off the rock tree. Yet within that huge branch, there are all these other little extensions off from that, from Metal you have Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Doom Metal etc. So to find out there’s something called Pirate Metal shouldn’t be too out of the ordinary. 

Certainly the premier group of individuals within that “Pirate Metal” twig of the tree is Scotland’s `Alestorm`. Formed up in the nether regions of Perth, they released their first album way back in 2008. `No Grave But The Sea` is their 5th album and all being put out by Napalm Records and looking at the artwork they clearly haven’t veered away from their accustomed use of all things nautical. 

So anyway, the album itself is in typical Alestorm fashion, the mixture of speed metal with supremely catchy and simple choruses and sing-along melodies litter throughout. The opener and title track `No Grave but the Sea’ exemplifies the line that Alestorm strut, the combination of fast aggressive almost thrash in their nature meeting the absurd lyrics and extremely catchy choruses that are sure to get your ass moving on the dance floor. Songs like `Alestorm’, `Mexico’ and the rip rousingly ridiculousness that is `Fucked with an Anchor’, a song with a title that just screams Cannibal Corpse b-side, show off Alestorm’s unique take on metal. 

Every band needs that unique point, that thing that brings in the punters and changes them from just a band that most will forget to that band that everyone thinks of when looking at each sub-genre of metal, although being a band with a particular interest can be a bit of a marmite situation although Alestorm seem to be weathering that storm. 

`No Grave but the Sea` contains 10 songs of pure nautical naughtiness, essentially `Alestorm’ know what they are and simply they are a fun band. A band that knows how to create songs with catchy melodies and catchier choruses, something that fans of the pirate life can enjoy when pissed out of their skulls and `No Grave but the Sea’ carries on where `Captain Morgan’s Revenge’ began many moons ago.

8/10- Alestorm add another drinking album to the barrel, full of nautical naughtiness. 

Stand Out Tracks:
`No Grave But The Sea’, `Alestorm’ and `Fucked with an Anchor’

Track Listing:
1. No Grave But The Sea
2. Mexico
3. To the End of the World
4. Alestorm
5. Bar und Imbiss
6. Fucked with an Anchor
7. Pegleg Potion
8. Man the Pumps
9. Rage of the Pentahook
10. Treasure Island

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