Friday, 28 April 2017

Realm Of The Damned Film Review

It began life as a comic, one depicting every bit of the dark force collection including vampires, the undead, legions of morbid fantasies and depraved stories of evil creatures taking over all that we hold dear in this world...The Vatican haha.

Anyway, so that’s pretty much the basis of this story, where one ex-vampire hunter Alberic Van Helsing is in hiding, a drunk and drug infested waste of a man since his days as the elite dark hunter for The Vatican until they were taken over by the Vampire ruling class. Who’ve now turn to him to save the world from an ancient evil which has been conjured up by a Black Metal band `The Sons Of Balaur`. 

Upon my original viewing of this tale back in the recesses of October, knowing what I was about to watch was certainly intriguing, a mix of metal with comic strips and then voiced by some of Metal’s finest including David Vincent of Morbid Angel, Jill Janus of Huntress and our own Dani Filth of Cradle of Filth. My intrigue was certainly peaking. 

The first thing you’ll notice is the rather distinct and jarring animation style, it’s not fully animated but rather more the camera panning over comic strips with minimal amount of movement from the scenery or indeed from the characters themselves, the voice over work from David and co feel at times more like narrated pieces. It really strays away from traditional animation and in particular there use of matching voice to character speech and full articulated movement from the characters. 

It’s abundantly over the top in pretty much every aspect, from its depiction of gore through to its use of every horror creature imaginable. It’s like a crossing of Blade, The Underworld Series, and Hammer Horror all the while blending it together with a huge dosage of black metal. The absurdity of each of these elements is delivered in droves, a huge aspect of this is also down to the voice over work and in particular Dani Filth whose fame derives from the British Goth Black Metal band Cradle Of Filth. If you are knowledgeable of Dani’s vocal range in his bands then this character, story and fully over the top action sequences then you know he lends his voice perfectly and it works extremely well. 

So is it worth picking up?

If you enjoy your horror, animation and metal then fuck yes. It’s totally outrageous, silly, fun and horrific. It’s like the creators sat there had a huge melting pot of all that excites horror fans poured a shit tonne of metal in for good measure. The voice over work what really helps sells it as does its unique and rather splendid animation style. 

8/10- Fun, totally outrageous horror slapped with glorious metal.

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