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Children Of Bodom, Forever Still and Oni `Live review at Shepherds Bush Empire` 12/03/17

Metal is like the perfect buffet with so much on the menu to offer us, whether on this night you’re a few miles up the road in north London with the French quartet Gojira or you’re down in the heart of Shepherds Bush with the neo-classical virtuosos in Children Of Bodom it’s in all a positive sign for Metal. 
Photo credit: Chris Schollenberger

Sticking on this a strangely warm night for a March night within Shepherds Bush. The first up for tonight’s showdown at the O2 Empire are Canadian six-piece `Oni (6) who for all their technical might and uniqueness after all they use a Xylosynth in their musical repertoire. There just feels as though they were too confined either by their actual physical space on stage or they just didn’t have the movement on stage that I felt they were capable of, there just wasn’t that attitude and energy to their incredible musical prowess. Yet, certainly after this showing I feel they are capable of more and looking forward to seeing more energy and menace on Oni’s next UK outing. 

Photo credit: Chris Schollenberger

Next up are Danish quartet `Forever Still` (7) who being formed but a mere four years ago and with their first album `Tied Down` dropping at the 2016 supporting COB and whipping the crowd up is certainly a momentous task yet is one which Forever Still certainly managed well enough. For the most part the band achieve that task pretty darn well with the evenings first pit, although it was more hair swinging than full raging, where a line of individuals head banged to the music and certainly gave the pit a definite feeling of togetherness. However for everything `Forever Still` had they didn’t quite have that memorable song, the one where you go home and immediately search for it. Although with just the one full length under their belt this will change in time as the band certainly can bring the heat. 

Photo credit: Chris Schollenberger

Finishing up with Finnish virtuoso legends Children Of Bodom (9) who are this year celebrating their 20th anniversary stand proud and tall as tonight’s headliners. As veterans of the stage, the band command and storm the stage with complete confidence, where the entire set is all killer and no filler and no stopping for lengthy chats, it’s straight into the fast lane for the Finnish Metallers. The crowd swells and rises as it rides on every melodic hook from one of metals most ferocious live acts. 

What you get with Bodom at a live concert isn’t perhaps the safest environment for the younger metal fans to attend as the sea of metal heads swarm and dive into each other yet watching from afar you see the etiquette even during an insane extreme metal pit that Children Of Bodom always manage to whip up. 

8/10- Bodom delivering live as expected, Forever Still with promise and Oni are definitely one’s for the future. 

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