Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Suicide Silence `Suicide Silence` Album Review

Comfort zones, we all have them; whether or not we care to admit it we are only ok when it’s pushed when we ourselves succumb to that pushing. Whether that’s risking it all on a rollercoaster, skydiving or bungee jumping we know that we aren’t in total control yet it’s us that’s seen the consequences and made that choice. Yet, what happens when it’s not to that extreme level? When it’s because you’re favourite band or any other entity has done made a change and it’s not what you’d expect? Well sorry guys n gals who kick up a major hissy fit but why do you want them to remain the same as the day you found them? 
That quite frankly says more about us not letting go than anything else. 

For those of us who can enjoy a walk on the wild side and accept bands WILL change, the new album Suicide Silence self-titled is 9 tracks of variety. Yet to most non-metallers and non-Suicide Silence fans it will still same like the same noise. 

Opening with `Doris`, we all have seen this track has already divided opinions on the album sound and definitely this is a good indicator for the album as a whole both in terms of sound and people’s expectations. Nothing in Suicide Silence’s repertoire is similar so there’s very little to compare it back too, the vocals unquestionably aren’t as snappy and cut throat as they have been previously but they are undeniably heavy and honestly sounds like Eddie was in a lot of pain in that studio as they just sound positively vicious. Certainly what has seemed to be the most divisive are the cleaner vocals during the chorus which ok I might be in the minority but I really enjoy, it’s something different. 

The 2nd track `Silence` is one of the most interesting tracks on the album and certainly the combination of both `Doris` and this track really does give the listener as to what Suicide Silence are attempting here whether that works or not is down to personal preference. The track is predominately layered with cleaner vocals interspersed with Eddie’s heavier vocals that really do just have a jarring effect although this definitely was intended. I would argue this is one of the tracks that will grow on you and certainly knowing that the legendary Ross Robinson on production the tracks do have definite nods towards Korn and The Deftones. 

One of, if not the most unusual tracks to hear on `Suicide Silence` is `Conformity`. This is altogether what most people would call a ballad, certainly the guitars are along the lines of `Nothing Else Matters` very clean and bell like in tone. Think when `Fade To Black` was put on `Ride The Lighting`, people just hated it but now it’s a classic in their arsenal. `Conformity` showcases just what is up Suicide Silence’s sleeve certainly in the case of Eddie’s vocal talents and the guitar solo which display more of a blues approach within its endeavour. 

So in total, this album is vastly different from any Suicide Silence album that has come before. Gone are the really punchy, fast, aggressive cutting riffs, yet, the album itself is still very heavy and certainly has a creepy airy feel to it within the vocals especially that does make the album feel more organic and live. The band itself feels like its growing, changing and wanting to push the boat out on what fans come to expect from them. After all bands usually say once that they write the music that they like and if fans like it’s an added bonus. There is a lot to chew over on their self-titled release, quite honestly no review will really do the album justice in your eyes, my real only advice is listen to it all the way through and then decide. 

7.5/10- Vastly different to any Suicide Silence album that has come before, some really interesting elements and a lot of guts.

Stand out tracks:
`Silence`, `Conformity` and `Dying In A Red Room` 

Track Listing:
1. Doris
2. Silence
3. Listen
4. Dying In A Red Room
5. Hold Me Up Hold Me Down
6. Run 
7. The Zero
8. Conformity
9. Don’t Be Careful You Might Hurt Yourself

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