Monday, 23 January 2017

The White Buffalo w/ Jarrod Dickenson `Shepherds Bush Empire` Concert Review

Photo credit: Nathan Kerridge-Porter

January 20th 2017, a date that will go down in history; the world stands with baited breath as a onetime reality TV impresario is getting sworn in as the newest President of the USA. So let’s go out and enjoy the night, after the world will keep spinning? Tonight, we head towards Shepherds Bush Empire for an American export of a very different nature and we will always be glad to extend our hand towards `The White Buffalo`. 

Heading into the packed out The Empire, we are treated to the support and you’d not be familiar with this fellow but Jarrod Dickenson (5) is first up. Now, Jarrod isn’t backed by anyone but himself and a guitar, the crowd however don’t seem really too interested and not because he isn’t very good but they are here for one man and one man only. Bare in mind it has been in the minus of hell freezing over in the capital tonight so they might not have been fully reanimated. Yet this isn’t a metal crowd about to burst into a giant circle pit. 

Now this is his show and certainly detriment to his own ability and growing popularity, The White Buffalo has certainly earned his rise of prominence in the UK from packing out a small venue in the heart of Shoreditch to tonight’s sell out crowd of 2000 capacity venue of Shepherds Bush Empire. 

Treating the crowd with his unique brand of acoustic blues rock combined with folksy Americana, which ultimately you’d think shouldn’t really work here yet from the noise being belted out by this West London crowd you’d believe that the Shepherd’s Bush Empire had airlifted to the heart of Nashville. The White Buffalo hits the crowd with energy and passionately delivering songs such as `I Got You`, `How The West Was Won` and the always present and ever loved `Come Join The Murder. 

Photo Credit: Nathan Kerridge-Porter

By the end no one wanted to leave, either because no one want to move looking far warmer and certainly happier and for the second reason and most importantly The White Buffalo absolutely stormed tonight’s showcase. His star is rising, it’s a hard slogged, old fashioned way of rising up and this is a guy who deserves all his credit and accolades. If you can catch him and his most excellent band, I strongly urge you to join the fun. 

8/10- The White Buffalo the main man as always. 

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