Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed and In Flames Live at The O2 Review

Avenged Sevenfold backdrop: Photo Credit: Nathan KP

2017 is going to be an interesting year for metal, Black Sabbath are hanging up their titles as metals premier godfathers and Iron Maiden, Metallica, Judas Priest have been keeping the torch aflame as they have been for many years now. Yet really think about it, who’s next? Who will take the torch for the new generation, who’ll be the next to headline the Downloads and sell out arena’s all over the world? 

So I hear you cry, we have Rammstein and Slipknot yes but even they are exactly young gentlemen these days (Sorry guys) so heading into The O2 tonight, there was certainly an anticipation if the mighty machine of Avenged Sevenfold could pull off shows of shows and prove to those present that they are ready to handle it. 

In Flames: Photo Credit: Nathan KP

Before we jump to far ahead, In Flames (5) were in support and as the first band ultimately they there to get the crowd pumped up unfortunately they just didn’t seem to reach that fever pitch and maybe the crowd weren’t that into them after all In Flames certainly are the heaviest band on the bill when you look at their history coming from the Swedish death metal scene. Yet the band always sound as tight as fuck and tonight is no different where they hit the crowd with all in their arsenal including the monstrous `Take This Life`. 

Disturbed: Photo Credit: Nathan KP

Now when you want the perfect support band that can also headline arena’s in their own right, you don’t have to look further than Disturbed (10). Draiman and company storm the stage completed by a shit tonne of pyro and other fun goodies you’d really believe that this band was here to headline. They awaken the crowd up from word go right until the end with an almost greatest hits set list including `Inside The Fire`, `The Game` and `Believe`. It’s in their cover of `Sound of Silence` where things take on a rather unique feel where quite literally 17,000 odd crowds in attendance is in silence, all you hear is David’s power voice echoing around the arena filled from top to bottom with lights. From this to `Down With The Sickness` that launches the O2 crowd into 3 giant moshpits. Disturbed are on fire tonight and they were and we all are Disturbed. 

Avenged Sevenfold: Photo Credit: Nathan KP

Now to tonight’s main event Avenged Sevenfold (9). Headling the O2 is no easy task and boy do you have to bring your A Game to really do yourself justice and by the looks of tonight’s stage set up Avenged have certainly have themselves off to a flying start. Full of video screens and an enormous set up, the band have taken elements of Iron Maiden and Metallica and pushed what they can do; there’s also a giant zombie spaceman that flies into action at one point. 

Avenged have 7 albums under their belt and pick a huge range of songs from each album, for me personally it did feel that they could have cut it down by maybe half an hour or so. The rest of the show however was pure magic and the band really have pushed their showmanship to the max, playing songs like the `The Stage` which was back dropped by huge video screens displaying the video behind them, through to `Beast and the harlot` and `A Little Piece of Heaven`, the band have melded the live performance aspects with video seamlessly to make it a gigantic spectacle of a show. 

Quite honestly, on this show alone Avenged Sevenfold are the ones to look to take over. 

9/10- A brilliant package and show the true power of Metals torch bearers. 

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