Sunday, 11 December 2016

Skillet Red Sun Rising Gig Review- London Koko 9/12/2016

How many times have you been given a recommendation, whether it’s to try new food, watch a film or try out a new band? Well as we all know it can sometimes leave a rather sour taste, yet on others can open the door to new avenues, new ways of looking at the world and certainly help you appreciate what else is on the other side of the fence.

Deep within the heart of Camden lays Koko and tonight’s entertainment is slightly different from the usual rock entertainment that The Metal Hobbit is usually associated with. 
Photo Credit: Nathan KP

Up first are Ohio’s own ‘Red Sun Rising’ (7) who provide the growing crowd with something to wet their appetite for tonight’s main feast. An interesting mix of all parts of rock music, bits of 70’s Led Zeppelin classics mixed through to The Black Keys. At times the crowd’s lack of knowledge of the band’s material is made up by ‘Red Sun’s’ energetic presence certainly made up for that, with a bounding front man, this is a band that will be back to the UK and on a grander scale. 

Photo Credit: Nathan KP

To most rockers, uttering the words “Christian rock” is usually met with disdain or utter horror, yet if you know Skillet (9) then you know they’re not exactly bible preachers who want to covert you. They are all out blasting, energised with aggressive riffs and pretty gnarly solos added in for good measure. 

The crowd certainly are at fever pitch during Skillet’s entire set with each new song generating a huge roar from the sold out crowd at the Koko. The mix of female vocals from drummer Jen Ledger intertwined with vocalist, bassist, and front man John Cooper is certainly something different than the usual metal beauty and beast vocals that you’d hear. There’s a far more of a sing along momentum to it and the female vocals have an old-school Paramore sound to them. As an entity Skillet certainly know how to bring the energy, the passion and excitement to the live arena and with their blend of rock riffs and melodic sing along choruses it’s very surprising this is their only UK date on a Euro run – but not surprising that it sold out. 

To anyone that would assume that rock music is the home of secular individuals and to shun those out believers is wrong, as this doesn’t hamper their ability to absolutely win an audience. Selling out practically every euro date of their Unleashed tour, and with this being Skillet’s only UK date this year, aside from appearing at Download, having fans flying in from Dubai, Italy and even the Jersey, you bet your ass they will return with more extensive tour to please all their Panheads. (Yes, the Skillet fan base are known as Panheads).

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