Tuesday, 8 November 2016

SUICIDE SILENCE Reschedule UK tour dates to March 2017

Southern California metal titans, SUICIDE SILENCE have announced that their UK tour dates – originally due to happen later this month – have been rescheduled to March 2017.
Special guests for the shows will be announced in due course.

The band have posted this statement online:
“UK, due to unforeseen circumstances, we will be moving our shows to spring 2017. All previously purchased tickets will be honoured. We're sorry for the inconvenience and will see you in a few months!”

New tour dates will commence as follows in March 2017:

Many of the greatest works of art throughout history were fashioned from grief, anger and overwhelming despair descending upon its creators in the aftermath of tragedy. SUICIDE SILENCE’s appropriately titled latest record, 2014’s ‘You Can’t Stop Me’ was no exception. Plenty of bands trumpet the idea of strength through adversity, but few have lived it like this one. The record – the band’s fourth record – introduced fans to then new frontman Hernan ‘Eddie’ Hermida, as well as being a celebration of the brotherhood the band shared with Hermida’s fallen predecessor – the cherished Mitch Lucker.

The closely-knit group of Southern Californian metal heavyweights were on course for a well-deserved victory lap of sorts by the autumn of 2012. The group had been together for a decade, having shaped and unquestionably led the ‘deathcore’ subgenre as assuredly as MORBID ANGEL became synonymous with death metal or KORN with nu-metal, upon arrival of their debut album, ‘The Cleansing’. Suicide Silence were named ‘Best New Talent’ at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards and had already dominated the Rockstar Mayhem touring festival by the time ‘No Time To Bleed’ broke into the US Billboard Top 40. ‘Wake Up’ and ‘Lifted’ became underground classics, as Suicide Silence transcended the sub-genre they helped define and became peers with bands they’d grown up listening to as kids in Riverside.

‘The Black Crown’ was the full realisation of everything Suicide Silence stood for and stood against. The charisma, easy-going charm and visceral performances of frontman Mitch Luckerhelped make Suicide Silence a staple attraction at the Vans Warped Tour and extreme metal festivals alike. Lucker’s undeniable command bridged the gap between the sub-cultural adherents of the band’s bludgeoning ferocity and the generation of youth desperate for a supportive community to help them overcome life’s struggles. After three successful records, which included remixes and guest appearances from modern metal heroes like Shawn ‘Clown”’ Crahan(SLIPKNOT) and Jonathan Davis (KORN), Suicide Silence went on to ink a new deal with the freshly created Nuclear Blast Entertainment in the Summer of 2012, just a few months before their world would forever be changed.

October 31st, 2012 brought on the darkest day that all involved with Suicide Silence had ever experienced. The world of metal was shocked and saddened when news spread of Mitch Lucker’s tragic passing. The beloved frontman, husband and father was killed while riding his motorcycle on Halloween Night. Support and sympathy poured out from across the globe. The man who popularised the ‘You Only Live Once’ phrase in the heavy music community had left the world behind unexpectedly and much too soon to fathom.

In December, 2012, Suicide Silence took the stage without Mitch for the first time, playing an emotional and career spanning set at the Fox Theater in Pomona dubbed ‘Ending is the Beginning: The Mitch Lucker Memorial Show.’ A who’s-who of luminaries from the band’s friends and peers in metal stood in as frontmen, including Chad Gray (MUDVAYNE), Randy Blythe (LAMB OF GOD), Austin Carlile (OF MICE & MEN), Robb Flynn (MACHINE HEAD), Max Cavalera (SOUFLY, KILLER BE KILLED) and many others. One of the esteemed guests was none other than Eddie Hermida, a close friend of the band and then-vocalist of ALL SHALL PERISH.

Hermida’s performance of ‘Slaves to Substance’ recorded along with the rest of the set for a subsequent CD/DVD release, demonstrated a vibrant chemistry with the members of Suicide Silence, eventually leading to him being the only vocalist considered for the band’s continuance. An understanding, supportive and loyal audience responded enthusiastically to the October, 2013 announcement that Suicide Silence would officially continue with Eddie Hermida at the helm. The news was accompanied by a vocal sample of ‘You Only Live Once’ and a commitment that the band would carry on in Mitch’s honour. If a rising heavy metal band can overcome a tragedy this triumphantly, this definitively, this absolutely, then surely there’s hope for us all.

Suicide Silence are:
Eddie Hermida - Vocals
Chris Garza - Guitar
Mark Heylmun - Guitar
Alex Lopez - Drums
Dan Kenny – Bass

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