Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Soil, Sons Of Texas 15/11/2016 O2 Academy Islington Gig Review

Photo Credit: Stephanie Cabral 

What are your usual plans for a Tuesday night? Stay in, do some laundry, catch up on your latest TV shows? 

On a chilly night in North London, Islington to be more precise, a crowd have gathered for a night of hard rock fun. For Sons Of Texas (5) a band that seems to be the love child of Pantera with the vocal styling’s of Black Stone Cherry, the lads from south Texas do all they can to whip the crowd up for tonight’s headliners yet for all their trying, the Sons just weren’t able to get it going and not that they weren’t worth it, just simply down to being relatively unknown for this London crowd. With their combination of a Phil Anselmo doppelganger on vocals and groovy tunes you bet your bottom dollar they will try again, they’ll be back.

For tonight’s headliners and frankly why most of the crowd are probably here in the first place Soil (8), kick into high gear immediately. The diminutive stature of front man Ryan flies down the stairs and out of the window with his voice belting around the Academy like it was 2001. Belting out songs like `Halo`, `Redefine` and `Unreal` that warm feeling of nostalgia bubbles up remembering hearing these tracks for the first time on Scuzz or Kerrang TV back in the early 2000’s. Ah to be young again. 

The band since Ryan’s return a few years ago looks invigorated and with their last album `Whole` coming back in 2013, it’s high tide that these lads get back into the studio and give the Soil faithful something new to sink their teeth into. 

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