Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Palace Of The King, Crobot and Airbourne Gig Review 28/11/16 Electric Ballroom

It’s not your Las Vegas grand hotel style residency, but over the next two evenings Airbourne and company will call Camden’s Electric Ballroom their home. 

Palace of the king: Photo Credit Nathan KP

As the crowd begins massing, escaping from the frosty throws of the London chill of winter. Up first and from warmer climates are `Palace Of The King` (5) hailing from the land down under something of course they have in common with tonight’s host `Palace` kick off tonight’s hard rock party. `Palace` are a relatively new band, being roughly 4 years old it kind of feels like on tonight’s showing they haven’t quite found that killer part of their set, often the band would allow each member to shine which is fine if you’re the headliner but here it slowed down their pace, not something you want to do in a 30 minute set. `Palace` did however during their actual songs shine brightly with a killer voice coming from singer Tim Henwood, after seeing them here it might be an idea to kick out the interludes and just kick it into high gear with their kick ass songs. 

Crobot: Photo Credit Nathan KP

Next up are Seattle’s `Crobot` (7) and it really theirs a 70's hard rock revival tonight. Mixing the sounds of Led Zeppelin with Deep Purple, Crobot certainly have some swagger. Front-man Brandon Yeagley definitely knows how to command a stage; his movement is more akin to some sort of cockerel/Snake hybrid. Crobot hit it off like a support band should, warming up the rabble for tonight’s Australian wild men. Crobot do peter off a little in the middle after a blistering opening but they certainly recapture the audience’s attention as they hit into overdrive before coming off stage. 

Airbourne: Photo Credit Nathan KP

Now if you’ve ever been to an `Airbourne` (10) gig then you will know honestly they are one of the best live bands out there. Full of grit, passion, explosive behavior and with front-man/guitarist Joel O’Keefe they set the Electric Ballroom ablaze. If bands like AC/DC and Motorhead are the godfathers of hard rock then these are surely their devilish offspring and on tonight’s showing and many others, Joel and company can hold that title with no doubt. The band takes to the stage with fire in their stomachs, backed by a wall of Marshall amps they mean business. 
Airbourne’s diamond in the rough is Joel; his unbound, relentless energy is a true wonder to behold, jumping from the P.A. to smashing beer cans against his head whilst on the shoulders of a roadie in the middle of the crowd purely shows he is a true wild man of rock, a throw back to when rock n roll was unpredictable and dangerous. Tonight’s crowd are moving and grooving to Airbourne and when Airbourne are all done, the crowd are sea of sweaty messes yet with the biggest smiles on their faces. Airbourne came, conquered the Electric Ballroom and will be guaranteed to do so for years to come. 

8/10 – For those about to Rock, Airbourne salutes you.