Tuesday, 11 October 2016


Enter Shikari last night shocked fans with an unexpected “drop" of a totally brand new track. 

‘Hoodwinker’ received its worldwide premier play courtesy of Daniel P Carteron BBC Radio 1’s Rock Show, and then appeared on streaming and download services immediately after. 

Initial recording of the track was started at the same time as January’s one-off ‘Redshift’ single, then completed during free time between summer festival performances. 

A video (DIY in creation, epic in vision) was shot in August, utilising family resources (Rob’s brother, Rou’s uncle. for example) and friends who didn’t mind getting wet.

On the subject of ‘Hoodwinker’, frontman Rou Reynolds had this to say: 
"Every now and then, outside of album releases and their attendant “campaigns”, it's nice to release a song into the wild, out-of-the-blue. To bowl it full force at the faces of the general public without prior warning. 

‘Hoodwinker’ is the current incoming projectile. 

It is Enter Shikari angrily calling out your God as an imposter. Which I'm afraid he is. I know you thought all the others were imposters and yours was in fact the real one, but I'm afraid he is a phoney too. 

We have clear evidence of false paperwork and forged documents. 

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. 

Please enjoy this piece of angry music though. I hope its frustration and righteous indignation will go some way to dampening the annoying news.”

Enter Shikari release the sixth in their “Bootleg Series” of albums with the release of ‘Live at Alexandra Palace’ on coloured vinyl double LP and a double CD, as well as on all streaming/download services, on November 11th.

More details of the release can be found here: https://goo.gl/dybdWm

A video for ‘Redshift (Live at Alexandra Palace)’ was released earlier in the summer: https://youtu.be/frj7IR0sMww