Monday, 3 October 2016


Fresh from a bludgeoning headline performance at Brighton’s Mammoth Fest this weekend, Ipswich’s Black Metal titans EASTERN FRONT have made their much anticipated return with new album ‘EmpirE’ which was released on 30th September. You should have a Haulix link - let me know if you need another. To mark the occasion, they have unveiled a haunting new video for lead single The Fire Consumes.

“The inspiration for 'The Fire Consumes' came from post-World War II interviews regarding how bloodlust and sadistic violence grew to become not only commonplace but also enjoyable, as if there was a fire in the blood and 'the kill' the only way to quench that desire. With ‘EmpirE’ leading directly on from previous album ‘Descent Into Genocide’, these confessions struck an incredibly dark chord when crafting the album concept of building an empire on foundations of blood.

The track in fact features a quote from one such story, Soviet veteran Suren Mirzoyan who claimed to have been 'like a beast' with death in his pocket. No conscience, just pure bloodlust... in war attributes held in high regard yet at any other time. Needless to say those documents featuring self-proclaimed 'professional sadists' are an incredible and haunting read.” – Destroyer, Guitarist

‘EmpirE’ is the first album to showcase new vocalist Marder, and follows on from 2010s debut album BLOOD ON SNOW and 2013's sophomore release DESCENT INTO GENOCIDE.

“Our new vocalist Marder is a natural. She has the crushing ferocity, the unequalled desire to succeed, which is both infectious and essential in a squad such as ours. Marder actually featured as a guest vocalist originally, but from her first note we were blown away, though no one at the time ever imagined she would become a permanent vocal fixture. As the recording process progressed, that job became available and she got the call instantly... no audition, no time to waste... that's how much faith we had that Marder to bring the essential vocal venom to 'EmpirE'. 

‘EmpirE’ is a crushing black metal album. Regardless of our chosen subject matter the conceptual themes of this record transcend history and even an interest in war... aggression, loss, brutality, hatred and sorrow, all concepts any listener can identify with and take something from. To say more could potentially taint the experience so I'll leave that there... just make sure you turn it up!”
– Destroyer, Guitarist

The name EASTERN FRONT hails from the bands fascination with War History, referring to the theatre of conflict between the European Powers and the Soviet Union during World War II. Retaining a traditional Black Metal sound, EASTERN FRONT encompasses elements of Doom, Death, Folk and Classical Metal, with historical subjective and personal standpoint.

Boasting an impressive touring history, EASTERN FRONT have invaded Bloodstock, Incineration, Dong, Chania Rock, Wotu and Chaos festivals, and have supported the likes of Cradle of Filth, Winterfylleth, Anaal Nathrakh, Carpathian Forest and Shining to name a few.

With live shows in the works, EASTERN FRONT are an unstoppable force and EMPIRE is the soundtrack of a band pushing the boundaries in Extreme Music.