Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Kyng `Breathe In The Water` Review

The music industry is full of strange comings and goings and if you get to do that at all it’s a pure miracle, often people give up after one attempt yet for Kyng’s members this band was to be their last attempt, their last hurrah into the unforgiving music wasteland. 

When `Burn The Serum` landed on Metal Hobbit’s desk under its previous incarnation as Matterz, the vocals jumped out of the riffs and was certainly something that would turn heads and defy what you’d expect to hear especially when you hear the crushing riffs.

Now back with `Breathe In The Water`, produced by the one and only Machine whose past stellar work include Lamb Of God and Clutch to name but a few, the So-Cal trio strike again with 14 tunes to prove that old school, no gimmicks approach to hard rock can still be done and done well.

The album launches straight into an aural assault with `Pristine Warning`, heavy riffs and pounding groove is the name of the game on this track, yet the most surprising aspect of Kyng are Eddie’s soaring vocals that just prove that you can have a catchy and dare I say impassioned singing combined with heavy riffs that aren’t the typical growling, guttural vocals that we have become so accustomed towards.

The second and title track `Breathe In The Water` has a hint of little Queens Of The Stone Age style riffing, that stop/start rhythm during the intro and verses really hint at that Josh Homme inspiration. Again Eddie’s vocals hit the nail right on the head taking inspiration of heavy riffs with towering vocals that is really something unique not only on this song or the album but for the band’s ethos of capturing that 70’s sound of Sabbath, Zeppelin but giving it a modern twist with crushing production. 

14 tracks is a lot although the album as a whole doesn’t feel bogged down or lagging in any sense, `Breathe In The Water` contains a couple of interlude tracks to break up the album with `The Beginning of What Was` a lovely acoustic number certainly heralding Sabbath’s or Zeppelin vibe of which leads directly into `The Battle of the Saint Lines` well. 

`Breathe In The Water` is a statement of intent from Kyng and it definitely works as a continuation of `Burn The Serum`. It contains all the heavy riffing and pounding groove that people love of Clutch, Black Label Society or Down along with the soaring vocals that you expect from the likes of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. Kyng feels like a throwback towards the bygone era of music where to actually get into the studio you had to be good, yet for all of Kyng’s throwback elements they also remain with one foot in the future giving big hooks, soaring vocals, crushing riffs and drums all together with modern sensibilities. 

8.5/10- Kyng impassioned hard rock, one foot in the past and one in the future, perfect for that 70’s feel with a modern twist. 

Stand out tracks:
`Pristine Warning`, `Breathe In The Water` and `Show Me Your Love` 

Track Listing:
1. Pristine Warning
2. Breathe In The Water
3. Closer to the End
4. Follow Blindly
5. Show Me Your Love
6. Reckoning Part 1
7. The Dead
8. Bipolar Schemes
9. Hide From You
10. Song For a Broken Masque
11. The Beginning of What Was
12. The Battle of the Saint/Lines
13. Not Enough
14. What I’m Made Of/Reckoning Part 2

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