Friday, 16 September 2016

In Flames `Sounds From The Heart Of Gothenburg’ Review

In Flames have certainly in recent years walked the pass less trodden, they have adapted, pushed their sound beyond their early melodic death metal sound to include extra melodic elements and electronic sections and in doing so gained them a bit of a love hate relationship with some fans. 

Yet who amongst can truly say that we are the same person we were 5, 10 or even 20 years ago? You’d be lying if you said you were exactly the same, so why bands should be despised for doing so isn’t fair, right? In Flames wipe the floor with that and here on this outing they’re playing to 12,000 people in the largest indoor arena in Gothenburg. So yeah, stick that in your proverbial pipe. 

Armed with 20 classic and fresh songs, In Flames demonstrate on `Sounds’ just why they have achieved a deserved elevated standing within the metal world, putting 10,000 bums on seats and on their feet on this outing. `Sounds From The Heart’ let’s you into the In Flames world, a world that has grown from the beloved melodic death through to modern In Flames unique blend of big hooks and sing along choruses, `Sounds’ captures all of that In Flames magic from past and present.

The sound of 10,000 people screaming at the top of their lungs is a true marvel and with tracks like `Plain View’, `Everything’s Gone’ and `Trigger’ to kick off proceedings for In Flames you can see why they’re at the top of the chain. 

They explode onto the stage in a flurry of confetti and lights, the crowd pick up the pace almost instantaneously bounding along to Daniel’s intense drumming and the rhythm of the dual guitars of Bjorn and Niclas. 

Each new song is met by equal applause and screaming, from `Trigger’ to `Paralyzed’, Anders and company deliver the In Flames sound to thunderous appeal. `Only For The Weak’ is a definite highlight of the show, the crowd bouncing in full unison in time with the music is a fully wondrous and strangely hypnotic display.

This also translates onto the more melancholic `Chosen Pessimist’, where at a much more slower and gloomy pace, Anders still has the crowd in the palm of his hand ready, waiting to sing along at any moment. 

Ending the set with the heavier `Take This Life’, it’s unbelievable just how much the crowd still has this much energy to not just below the words back to the band but also to jump about. It’s a true credit to In Flames and their fans passion for the band and music.

Devoted Jesterheads won’t punish In Flames for pushing the envelope become simply Metal, they as a band have been through many line up changes but on `Sounds’ you can simply see how strong of a unit they are and what they bring to the musical table. Powerful, energetic, catchy, melodic the list simply carries on describing an In Flames show and they’ve cleared amped up their live show to a huge degree here. Love them or hate them, In Flames are going to be around for a long time and boy do they know how to throw a spectacular gig together. 

10/10- The only thing better would have been to be there. 

Stand out tracks:
`Only For The Weak`, `Trigger’ and `Take This Life’

Track Listing:
1. Plain View
2. Everything’s Gone
3. Fear Is The Weakness
4. Trigger
5. Resin
6. Where The Dead Ships Dwell
7. With Eyes Wide Open
8. Paralyzed
9. Through Oblivion
10. Ropes
11. Delight and Angers
12. Cloud Connected
13. Only For The Weak
14. The Chosen Pessimist 
15. The Quiet Place
16. When The World Explodes
17. Rusted Nail
18. The Mirror’s Truth
19. Deliver Us
20. Take This Life

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