Friday, 30 September 2016


After moving on from influential New Wave of American Heavy Metal titans,God Forbid, guitarist and songwriter Doc Coyle did a stint touring with Unearth, Lamb of God, and became the modern metal columnist for before launching VAGUS NERVE with Phyllotaxis singer-songwriter, Ravi Orr.

VAGUS NERVE became fully realized as a band in 2014 when they enlisted the talents of drummer, Moe Watson (Shai Hulud), bassist Aden Oxenreider (Cosm), and guitarist Mike Gowen (MoTHER).

After a successful Kickstarter campaign raising 50% above their goal to hire Forrester Savell (12 Foot Ninja, Karnivool) to mix and master their debut, the atmospheric rock band is ready to take the next step.

Everyone’s hard work and dedication has been leading to this moment as the band today releases their debut EP, Visceral, on Lost Mystic Records. Listen to it on Spotify here:

Says Doc:
"I started Vagus Nerve because I felt modern rock needed a giant dose of authenticity. Everyone is concerned with making 3 minute songs for the radio with copy-cat recordings that sound more like computers than a real fucking rock n roll band. I was lucky to find 4 other musicians that are more talented than me, and yet still manage to bring a humility that forged an instantaneous chemistry. I know the British fans will embrace Vagus Nerve, because they have good taste and most importantly, passion. I was last in the UK touring with Unearth in 2013, and it was amazing to see how many supporters I still have. I can't wait to take our journey to the UK as soon as possible."

The band recently debuted their 1st music video for the single “Pull Me Out”, directed by Douglas Henderson for Bold Creative Media out of York, PA. Like the songwriting, music production, and album artwork before it, this video falls in line with the elegance and beauty that characterises VAGUS NERVE. The band looks to tour in support of Visceral in the winter.

Check out the video for 'Pull Me Out' here: 

Check out the EP here: