Sunday, 18 September 2016

Ghost `Popestar EP` Review

There some groups within the music world that appear as if they’ve been around a bloody long time, the dawn of music in fact or certainly in Ghost’s case since the age of occult landings in rock music during the late 60’s with Sabbath and Zeppelin. Yet they’re far from it, the band has only been here since 2008, but their music harkens back to that bygone age.

Since its inception Ghost have gone from strength to strength, gaining a whole load of praise and now 3 albums and an EP under their collective belts they’ve decided to unleash another EP on the unsuspecting masses. Entitled `Popestar` because well Ghost’s leader singer is Papa Emeritus whose persona resembles a religious individual albeit demonic (ok what’s the difference).

At 5 songs, its average for an EP length and dominating the proceedings are covers, there’s only one original and boy it’s Ghost to a T. `Square Hammer’ is eerie, haunting and atmospheric which are all pretty good expressions to describe the song yet Ghost has the ability to not only make the song haunting yet strangely for a band with the demonic visuals they’re quite soothing, I mean imagine Satan giving you a nice cuddle and it’s in the right ball park. 

The other 4 songs as mentioned are covers ranging from The Eurythmics to `Echo And The Bunnymen`, now not being familiar with these songs it’s hard to judge how different they are to the what Ghost have recreated yet being familiar with Ghost what you can say is that they are a perfect presentation of how Ghost would put the songs together. Complete with eerie yet serene keyboards, atmospheric noises and Papa’s high demonic angelic vocals these songs have been perfectly transposed into the Ghost ethos. Honestly, if you weren’t aware these were covers, you would have guessed that `I Believe’ was part of the majestic writings that is Ghost. 

Ghost in this instance and for all that came before just keep rolling, getting better with each step, it doesn’t seem to matter whether they tackle other groups mantras in the case of `Popestar` or when creating their own devilish melodies, one thing always for sure they are Ghost and will stamp the image of Papa on it and make it theirs. 

9/10- Ghost spreading the majestic majesty of the Satanic Popestar, perfect!

Stand out tracks:
`Square Hammer` and `I Believe’ 

Track Listing:
1. Square Hammer
2. Nocturnal Me
3. I Believe 
4. Missionary Man
5. Bible

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