Thursday, 8 September 2016

Airbourne “Breakin’ Outta Hell” Review

AC/DC are still knocking about but what we need is young blood right? Well if you love hard rock then you’ll know of Airbourne. Now, they’ve been around 13 years now which by music terms they’re not really spring chicks and the most unfortunate and depressing fact is that they will probably never reach the heady heights of their Australian forebears and that’s through no fault of their own, hard rock just isn’t destroying the charts anymore. 

Airbourne’s latest offering and their 4th album and they have certainly garnered a hard road dog attitude, gaining some much deserved acclaim from the fathers of rock including having Lemmy in one of their early videos. 

So having garnered this reputation, are they keeping it up 4 albums in and the 13 years on? 

Opening the album with the title track `Breakin’ Outta Hell’, Airbourne launch straight into their brand of full on pounding rock, heavy riffs and Joel’s gravelly tones harkens back to Bon Scott era of AC/DC, I mean Airbourne are probably what AC/DC would sound like in 2016, loud, energetic, full of gusto and big amps. 

The album pretty much starts, continues and finishes in the same vein. Tracks like ` Get Back Up’, `Down On You’ and `Never Been Rocked Like This’ are all heavy hitters with the band in full swing producing their fist pumping, foot to the floor songs. The lyrics are simplistic yet that hits to that escape from work Friday night party because here comes the weekend and no taking orders from the man feeling.

If you want some subtlety to your rock n roll then sorry people but Airbourne is not your band nor will this album be. It’s very catchy, to the point hard rock and there ain’t a ballad in sight. 

However If you enjoy rock n roll, short, sharp and to the point then Airbourne and `Breakin’ Outta Hell` is for you. Airbourne on all their albums up to this point hold no punches, you want beer drinking, hard rocking gentlemen singing about Rock, Women, Boozing and raising some hell then check out `Breakin’ Outta Hell’. 

8/10- Airbourne’s hard rocking attitude adds another notch on the guitar neck.

Stand out tracks:
`Breakin’ Outta Hell’, `Get Back Up’ and `Down On You’

Track Listing:
1. Breakin’ Outta Hell
2. Rivalry
3. Get Back Up
4. It’s Never Too Loud For Me
5. Thin The Blood
6. I’m Going TO Hell For This
7. Down On You
8. Never Been Rocked Like This
9. When I Drink I Go Crazy
10. Do Me Like You Do Yourself
11. It’s All For Rock N’ Roll 

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