Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Bloody Hammers Interview

Hi Devallia,

How are you?

Great! Been very busy with packing orders.

1. Ok, so let’s get into the new album `Lovely Sort Of Death’, what’s different between it and `Under Satan’s Sun’?

‘Lovely Sort of Death’ has much more synth than any of the previous albums. The Moog factory is not far from where we live, so Moog synths definitely helped shape the sound of this album. ‘Under Satan’s Sun’ was inspired by summer, whereas ‘Lovely Sort of Death’ would make more sense as a fall or winter album. 

2. Tell me more about the writing process and influences for `Lovely Sort Of Death’?

The album is driven by dark thoughts resulting from being snowed in at the top of a mountain for several days at a time. The songs start out as a skeleton of an idea that comes to Anders, usually very late at night. That skeleton is fleshed out over time, with more instruments added. A melody for the vocals usually comes to mind early in the writing process, but the actual lyrics and vocals are often recorded last. 

3. Did you use North Carolina’s terrain and folklores into writing once more? 

This album was not based on North Carolina folklore, but there are some stories from other times and places. A couple of tracks were inspired by the times of Rome, such as ‘Messalina’ and ‘Infinite Gaze to the Sun’.

4. Can you describe one track and it’s connection to a folklore tale?

It’s not really folklore, but ‘Shadow out of Time’ was inspired by an H.P. Lovecraft story of the same title. It is about someone who is possessed by an alien, but everyone in the town believes it is a demon, and call for him to have an exorcism.

5. Certainly after reviewing it I noticed a lot more 80’s Gothic romance elements added in, was this a conscious effort on your part?

The music has always had a dark twist, which had manifested itself as doom the last few years. The gothic elements are probably a more accurate representation of us musically, as well as our life experiences. Anders has had a solo darkwave project for more than a decade, but goes through phases where he has to get his metal out. I have mostly been a fan of dark psychedelic electronic, gothic and industrial music. We both love old school deathrock.

6. Where did you find the artwork from and what influenced your decision behind it? 

The album photo was taken by Albert Arthur Allen in the year 1910. He was arrested many times for obscenity because of his work. We admire his style as an artist, and his spirit for creating artwork that is considered questionable by the standards of his time (and unfortunately in modern times as well). It is hard to imagine that over a century after that photo was taken, it would still be subjected to the same scrutiny.

7. Now this is your 2nd release on Napalm, how has relationship developed?

We are so excited to have Napalm for this release. Everyone we have worked with there has been great. They are very easy to work with, and allow artists full creative control, but will give guidance when asked.

8. Do you have any plans for Euro tour, I know for one we’d love to have you back over? 

We had a blast on the last European tour. It was great meeting everyone who stopped by to see us after the shows. We would love to tour Europe again if the right situation presents itself.

9. Finally, what are your plans after the release of `Lovely Sort of Death’?

We have taken up wood carving to amuse ourselves when not playing music. Our shop, Drab Haus, was originally started because I wanted to build really ornate bat houses, but we started having too much fun with carving spirit boards (Ouija) and wall art designs. 

Thanks to the both of you from Metal Hobbit Speaks, looking forward to catching up on your next UK Tour.

Thanks for taking the time to send the interview!