Monday, 4 July 2016

Motorhead `Clean Your Clock’ Review

Lemmy was the man, the myth, the legend. When news broke on December 28th last year that he passed away it sent shock waves throughout the rock community, a true icon and an honest individual had departed this planet. Motorhead was Lemmy and Lemmy was Motorhead and this `Clean Your Clock’ was filmed only a short month before his passing. 

Focusing on the DVD here, there’s a 20 minute documentary that documents Lemmy as a person and what he means at least to the touring party he is with. Now, we had the Lemmy movie a few years ago that really expands on this but in this instance is a great snapshot of what Lemmy means to those in Motorhead, Saxon and Girlschool. He also as always gives a wonderfully precise interview that really shows off his honest and straightforward personality. 

The concert filmed in Munich, German, and certainly for Motorhead and many types of hard music, Germany is a home from home and one like Japan that a band can go to and be a success. Unfortunately and certainly what would be an interesting thing to discuss with the surviving Motorhead members Mikkey and Phil is if they were aware of Lemmy being ill. Lemmy certainly looks very drawn and fragile on the DVD, yet his stalwart iconic figure stands tranquil and proud, his Rickenbacker Bass and frontier hat being a staple of rock n roll since 1975 and that look never changed nor did it need too. 

Mikkey and Phil really carry the energy of the show, I mean yes they are younger than the boss but Phil bounces around the stage like he’s the Duracell bunny, it’s strange to think Lemmy was worried about Phil’s energy after Wurzel left the band. Mikkey is just as crazed now on the drums as ever and to keep the pace up is no mean feat. These two guys just show just how good of a guitarist and drummer respectively they are and how often they’re overlooked or underrated in the world of musicians that are often over flashy and no substance.

Motorhead always bring the classics and have plenty to throw at the audience from `Bomber’ to `Orgasmatron’ and the always popular `Overkill’ or `Ace Of Spades’. Each song has that familiar and unique Motorhead sound have held strong since 1975 and fuck anybody that told them it needed changing or a freshen up. 

Watching the DVD is a rather sad one as now that Lemmy is no longer with us you kind of feel like you want to shout at the TV to get Lemmy to see a Doctor. Yet you just take in the awe that Lemmy with the career he has had and the bumps and glory he has taken on the grand ride we call music that through thick and thin he would be there still, standing tall and proud, and doing what he wanted which was to play his bass as loud as he could. Lemmy and Motorhead, Born to lose, Live to fucking win. 

9.5/10- A must for any Motorhead fan, the last filmed performance of the one and only Ian Fraser Kilmister. Lemmy. 

Stand out tracks: 
`Bomber’, `Overkill’ and `Whorehouse Blues’ 

Track Listing:
1. Bomber
2. Stay Clean
3. Metropolis
4. When The Sky Comes Looking For You
5. Over The Top
6. Guitar Solo
7. The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
8. Lost Woman Blues
9. Rock It
10. Orgasmatron
11. Doctor Rock
12. Just `Cos You Got The Power
13. No Class
14. Ace Of Spades
15. Whorehouse Blues
16. Overkill

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