Saturday, 9 July 2016

Joe Bonamassa `Live at Greenwich Music Time Festival’ Live review

Photo credit: Christie Goodwin

The age of the guitar hero is probably a forgotten concept or soon will be when examining the youth of today, who just seem happy with programmed drums and horribly long build ups and ridiculous pop antics but hey ho. Yet for those of us with some sense and intelligence we have heroes of old ala Clapton, Beck, Page and many more however for future generations who is the beacon of hope, who will light the way? 

The amassing crowd at The Old Naval buildings deep in the heart of Greenwich may have the answer, Joe Bonamassa. Now he has been around for a long time but at the tender of age of 39 he’s still got plenty of time to continuing carving his name in the hallowed halls of the guitar gods. As the crowd picks up yet still looking like a civilised garden party than a raucous rock crowd, Joanna Shaw Taylor blasts her way onto the stage delivering her sultry voice and sultry guitar tone it fills the London air with excitement, Joanne leaves the stage to a well deserved thunderous applause.

Mr Joe Bonamassa is as always superb and never, ever fails to disappoint. His guitar playing prowess is above whatever you expect and then some. Tonight’s performance mirrors just how prolifically superb he is, his backing band is an amalgamation of superb talents that complement Joe’s ability and especially tonight’s show and subsequent tour examining Joe’s influences of British Blues that culminated with Page, Clapton and Beck, Joe and his band are aligned perfectly and certainly Joe would have been one of those names if he was born 30 years before he was. 

He utilizes these influences perfectly into tonight’s set with Joe amalgamating his influences with his own unique style, coupled with what we’ve been told is one of the best guitar collections on the planet, you won’t find Joe playing big pointy weapon like guitars. You’ll find him strapping on an old Les Paul or Telecaster with a vintage tube amp giving him that unique classic tone that the guitarist of old used and Joe recreates that with pin point accuracy and tremendous passion.

Finishing the evening with Joe’s rendition of `Sloe Gin’ with a unique blended back dropped by both the old and new of the London skyline it’s the perfect end to a wonderful evening in merry old England. A few big screens wouldn’t have gone a miss as it was quite difficult to view from the very back.

10/10- Joe again defies the odds and gives us a storming set of classics.

Greenwich Music Time Festival - Thursday 7th July 2016

1. Beck's Bolero/Rice Pudding
(Jeff Beck Group cover)

2. Mainline Florida
(Eric Clapton cover)

3. Boogie With Stu
(Led Zeppelin cover)

4. Let Me Love You Baby
(Jeff Beck Group cover)

5. Plynth
(Jeff Beck Group cover)

6. Spanish Boots
(Jeff Beck cover)

7. Double Crossing Time
(John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers cover)

8. Motherless Children
(Eric Clapton cover)

(Cream cover) (Tea For One (Intro)Led Zep Cover)

10. Tea For One / I Can't Quit You Baby
(Led Zeppelin cover)

11. Little Girl
(John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers cover)

12. Pretending
(Eric Clapton cover)

13. Black Winter/Django
(Led Zeppelin cover)

14. How Many More Times
(Led Zeppelin cover) (The Hunter(Verse)Free Cover)

Sloe Gin
(Tim Curry cover)