Monday, 4 July 2016


Rockstar is a term which is widely used but is it deserved? I mean even Britney Spears was called a Rockstar once, laughable I know. Duff McKagan deserves that accolade in droves; he’s been there and done it all. He’s been to the brink of the edge can give his advice with a gentlemanly manner that’s not only reassuring it’s also the truth. 

`It’s so Easy’ documents Duff life, warts and all. He begins his tale in his early days as a Punk rocker in Seattle stealing milk floats to form a stage. I mean if that doesn’t tell you just how passionate Duff is about music then boy you going to learn something. From his early days in punk bands like `The Vains’ through to `Guns and Roses’ and beyond, Duff has been there, seen it, done it and lives to tell the tale mixing documentary footage, music and chatting to the crowd like he’s just simply chatting to a friend over a coffee and cigarette at home. 

Duff regales the crowd with tales of his Guns and Roses wild life from being number one to touring with Motley Crue and the heady heights that Appetite For Destruction bought the band and Duff himself. He goes in depth to his alcohol and drug issues and with `Knocking On Heaven’s Door’ playing in the background it’s very apt as he was literally during Guns heyday, but through his ultimate breakdown lead to his ultimate redemption thanks to his mum and his own conscious. 

Reading from his autobiography turns to finding his true love Susan and to channelling his pain into working out and martial arts keeping addiction at bay. His daughters Grace and Mae showed Duff his purpose was ultimately to become a father and then to his part as a member of the supergroup `Velvet Revolver’. 

What you get throughout `It’s So Easy’ is Duff laying his heart and soul for all to see. He regales you through the best of times and the worst of times to what he stands for today, his honour and his family and striving to be the best damn fella a man can be all to the backdrop of Guns and Roses classics. 

9/10- Classic highs and lows from the life of Duff McKagan.

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