Monday, 16 May 2016

Volbeat `Seal The Deal & Let’s Boogie’ Review

How on earth do you meld Metal, Country, Blues and Rockabilly and make it work seamlessly? Well hell that isn’t an easy task nor is it a formula yet Volbeat are the grand masters and have progressively smashed down each and every musical door like some gargantuan hybrid monster and earning themselves a pretty impressive following around the globe. 

This Volbeat’s 6th album entitled `Seal The Deal & Let’s Boogie’ sees Michael Poulsen and company carry on their hybrid musical creature with glorious aplomb and its 13 tracks of bounding swing with vast catchy hooks and sing-along moments. 

The album opens with one of the lead singles `The Devils Bleeding Crown’ and it sets the chief character for the album with aggressively swift paced riffs coupled with enormously catchy memorable leads is really the name of the game for Volbeat. Poulsen really helps hold that memorable sensation with his unique vocal blend that’s part Hetfield, part Dickinson and a heap of Elvis which manages to go from a deep gritty quality to soaring anthemic highs from the get go.

The album is chock full of these epic swinging metal tracks, the thing with Volbeat is their unique blend of genres and they can bring in extra instruments or collaborations without sounding out of place like the use of a Banjo for a lead in the track `For Evigt’ or having Danko Jones pop in for a vocal trade off with Michael or even to the gospel choir on ‘Goodbye Forever’, nothing is out of place. 

Also they can shift from a ripping hard edge metal track like `Seal The Deal’, which opens up with a notably killer solo from Mr Roberto Caggiano through to the blues almost barn dance inspired swinging track `Battleship Chains’ with both songs working fabulously when you all your thinking is just How? 

Volbeat are in an echelon of bands that could very easily become that Metal band that Metallica’s it up to headline festivals. Michael and Co are seasoned pros having been around since 2001 as Volbeat and before that with Dominus they can handle the pressure, I’m sure. `Seal The Deal & Let’s Dance’ is the next stage in Volbeat’s evolution and boy is it a fucking catchy one, you’ll be humming, tapping your feet, singing back or trying to look as cool as you can trying to dance to these tracks. 

9.5/10- Another monumental leap in the grand Volbeat adventure, full of hooks, cooks and looks. 

Stand out tracks:
`The Devil’s Bleeding Crown’, `Seal The Deal’ and `The Bliss’ 

Track listing:
The Devil’s Bleeding Crown
Marie Laveau
For Evigt
The Gates Of Babylon
Let It Burn 
Black Rose
Mary Jane Kelly
Goodbye Forever
Seal The Deal
Battleship Chains
You Will Know
The Loa’s Crossroad