Monday, 16 May 2016

Her Despair 'Hymns For The Hopeless' Review

Her Despair is the decadent, musical, opus of J. The gothic doom frontman, lyricist, multi - musician, and vocalist conjured ten songs of darkly poetic arousal, death, desire, longing, misery, musing, romance, sexual sadism, theology, and all with an erotic overtone. Drawing from the electric musically and to the gothic themeatically. Combining elements of gothic rock, metal, doom and punk, Her Despair cast a spell over one and enchant the senses of both heart and soul. With poetically gothic, romantic, lyrics and the haunting vocals of James one is seduced into another time and place. From the bed to the grave. J leaves no experiences unexplored, in the darkly romantic psyche. And does so decadently and deftly. The album is an injection into the vampiric vains gothic rock needs, from time to time. New blood is a beautiful thing when the blood is so rich with fresh talent.

Rating : 8/10

Track Listing
1. Dearly Departed 03:31
2. To Die Upon the Cross 03:19
3. How Far Will You Fall 03:35
4. Pray For Forgiveness 03:13
5. The Memories We Made 04:47
6. Violins For the Hopeless 01:56
7.The Poet (Until the End) 04:20
8. I Will Never Forget Her 03:42
9. Losing the Will to Live 04:28
10. I Still Dream of You 03:46 

Written and performed by J.
Drums by Jon Sugden.
Produced by Jon Sugden.
Additional guitar on track 1 by Ollie Toms.
Mastered by Matt Bew at Whitehouse Studios.