Wednesday, 20 April 2016

My Dying Bride London Islington Assembly Halls March 31st 2016

The pioneers of poetic doom metal My Dying Bride graced the London stage, quarter of a century into their reign of beautiful brutality, with the love and passion one would expect at the start of a career.

The musicians of My Dying Bride set the sombre scene musically before the entrance of vocalist Aaron Stainthorpe. The crowd stood entranced and enchanted as the band sailed through songs both old and new. Breathing new life into old classics. As if they were composed alongside 'Feel The Misery'

My Dying Bride's passion seems to have only deepened with time. And their performance perfected and musical art mastered. Yet, Aaron's stage presence never feels like a performance. Instead it felt as though we were witnessing the self - exorcism of a man possessed. Expressing all aspects of a soul's shadow self and bathing in the depths of it all. Exploring the darker shades of the human experience. From loss to longing. From adoration to despair. All the classical poetic themes of gothic and romantic poetry. Sonically ebbed beautifully into musical musings and soundscapes. And the artistic artistry of My Dying Bride's ability to blend poetry and music is second to none.

The performance in My Dying Bride's legendary literary approach to music was split into two acts, as if a theatrical play, with the first half the romantic elegance of My Dying Bride. And the second half drawing from the band's more extreme death metal opuses. Until the eventual silence signified the calm after the storm. And the crowd walked away feeling as though they had just experienced a musical storm at Sea and survived elated and baptized by mournful beauty.

Review by Sarah Angelise 'Mistress Of Metal'