Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock `On A Misson: Live In Madrid’

The Guitar Hero is pretty much a staple of classic rock, when you think of bands like Led Zepplin you have Jimmy Page, Guns and Roses/Slash and certainly Scorpions you have the Schenker brothers. 

Certainly for one half of the brothers, Michael Schenker, who began his career way, way back in 1969 with the Scorpions, then for UFO before utilizing his presence in his own bands MSG and Temple Of Rock. As the Temple Of Rock they filmed this DVD not in Hammersmith or in New York or L.A. but a gorgeous elderly theatre in the heart of Madrid, Joy Eslava. 

Opening the concert with the classic UFO track `Doctor, Doctor’ the crowd prove they are in fine voice belting the tune back at the band at full voice and it just goes to show that music translates and transcends cultures, languages and pretty much any social barriers that people want to put up. 

The guitars of Michael Schenker are certainly visually eye catching either the stark contrast of his black and white ying yang Dean V or his double neck, Michael is never not a stand out guitarist on stage and on this occasion his backing guitars and keyboardist has a wicked counterpart in his guitar called the Dean Trident and certainly looks like Poseidon’s guitar of choice if he formed a hard rock band. 

Now Michael is certainly a guitar hero and without doubt hearing his extended solo in the middle of `Rock Bottom’ was a lovely touch and one that is rarely felt in modern music with machine manufacture rubbish sitting on top of the charts. `Rock You Like A Hurricane’ is without doubt a classic song not just in the rock world and people certainly know the riff and chorus worldwide and without doubt is one of the stand out tracks from this live setting with the crowd in full swing and sweat, ah just how a rock concert should be. 

The DVD itself is a unique look into what drives rock music in today’s age where the biggest rock bands on the planet can still sell out arenas but it shows you that rock is still alive and although this one still has the Schenker brand stamp on it, it’s the music that still wins and whether it’s the classic Doctor, Doctor or Rock You Like A Hurricane or Where The Wild Winds Blows it’s still a great romp and one that proves music transcends much in this world. 

The lack of special features was a bit of a shame; a documentary would have certainly added that extra bump for this release.

All Formats out on the 6th May

Stand out tracks: 
`Doctor Doctor’, `Where The Wild Winds Blow’ and `Rock You Like A Hurricane’ 

8/10- A archetypal romp through classic MSG, Scorpions and UFO tracks in a beautiful edifice. 

Track Listing: 
Ocean Odyssey- Intro 
Doctor Doctor 
Live and Let Live 
Lights Out 
Where The Wild Winds Blow 
Natural Thing 
Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead! 
Victim Of Illusion 
Coast To Coast 
Vigilante Man 
Rock My Nights Away 
Saviour Machine 
Too Hot To Handle 
Only You Can Rock Me 
Land Of The Lost And Lonely 
Rock You Like A Hurricane 
Rock Bottom 
Attack Of The Man Axeman 

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