Thursday, 28 April 2016

Devildriver `Trust No One’ Album Review

Devildriver, the Californian groove machine have gone through quite some changes in recent years, firstly Dez having reconciled with former band mates in Coal Chamber and released the killer album `Rivals’ and with Devildriver itself going through change with new additions Neal Tiemann, Austin D’Amond and Diego Ibarra joining the fold in more recent years. 

This there 7th record and there 4th record with pretty much the guy in metal Mark Lewis at the helm, Devildriver have `dialled’ their sound in and that continues here on `Trust No One’.

10 tracks of pure adrenaline, fast, furious metal is the order of the day on `Trust No One’. From the opening track Dez and company grab you and toss you into the pit as you will want to rage after listening to this. 

Ok so starting with the lyrics and song titles on `Trust No One’ certainly carries a constant theme that of trust and unquestionably Dez since `Winter Kills’ has had his trust betrayed it clearly shows, he’s distinctive bark has pure venom attached as he spits out songs like `Trust No One’ and `Daybreak’ with pure animal hatred. 

From the opener `Testimony of Truth’ through to `For What It’s Worth’ you can certainly hear the Devildriver tone intensely raging through the speakers. Comparing this to `Winter Kills’, which in its approach felt more moody and dark where as `Trust No One’ is a faster and positively more thrash inspired and ready for the sweat infested mosh pits.

`This Deception’ opens with an eerie Coal Chamber inspired piano and buzz which if you hate wasps then watch out, before the song launches into a relentless fast riff then as the song progress into melodic guitar leads and a fucking juicy solo and has all the feel of `Dead To Rights’ certainly expect this to be a possible single. 

The single `Daybreak’ opens with a seriously heavy adaptation of Motley Crue’s ‘Kickstart My Heart’ dive bomb before debuting the song with a very machine like start stop riff, what you’ll notice across the board on `Trust No One’ is the huge melodies and hooks which to the non-initiated would be practically impossible for Metal as it’s all noise and cookie monster vocals to them. 

You’d think that having pretty much half the band replaced would put Devildriver at a disadvantage, however on `Trust No One’ the band hasn’t missed a beat and the inclusion of Neal and company certainly hasn’t done the band harm or its recognised sound. Dez sounds fiercely pissed off with his vocals are certainly as venomous as they have ever been and from the lyrics and the song titles, someone is definitely to blame 

A faster more thrash orientated effort than the moody `Winter Kills’ and certainly if you want your face ripped off in the pit then this album is definitely right up your alley. 

Stand out tracks
`This Deception’, `Daybreak’ and `Trust No One’

8/10- Devildriver still holding their own in the world of groove metal.

Track Listing:
1. Testimony of Truth
2. Bad Deeds
3. My Night Sky
4. This Deception
5. Above It All
6. Daybreak
7. Trust No One
8. Feeling Ungodly 
9. Retribution
10. For What Its Worth

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