Monday, 15 February 2016

Sabaton `Heroes On Tour’ Review

One of the most fascinating aspects in Metal is the sense of depth in its content, it’s certainly not about just going to a club, getting fucked up and taking a pretty person home. Well ok, it certainly went through that stage but some bands take aspects of myth, history or legends into their whole concept and Sabaton certainly have touched on one part of history that’s pretty much untouched within metal and that’s warfare in the 20TH Century, which certainly splits them from the pack. After all they have pretty much cornered the camouflage market, they have their own festival and use a tonne of war and battles imagery, Swedish Power Metal stalwarts Sabaton have seemingly done a lot in their now 15 year + career. 

`Heroes On Tour’ is 16 tracks of pure heaviness, full of thrills and spills plus those epic sing-along moments that hell even Disney would be proud to add to its arsenal. Metal is a live beast, after all bands like Kiss were huge at live shows but just didn’t hold up on their studio albums until they released `Kiss Alive’, so really Metal and Rock lives in the live arena not in the studio. So above all in metal is proving it live and boy `Heroes On Tour’ does that with glorious intent. 

`Ghost Division’ gets the party started with a pounding beat and Joakim’s unique vocal talents drives the songs melody and pure crowd belting fashion throws it back at him. 

Sabaton really deliver from songs like `Carolus Rex’ to `Swedish Pagans’ and to `Metal Crue’, Sabaton and co. Show their epic, fist raising ability as at times you hear the crowd as an extra band member and sometimes louder than the band. 

Quite honestly, having this live album on in the background whilst doing your mundane chores, it’s pretty darn uplifting and ok you may not run around the house nor will you be teleported to the ravaged lands of Russia during the 2nd World War to witness a full scale tank battle. Yet, it by sure will make you feel fucking epic. 

Now, I know a good number of Sabaton fanatics, yet the band have always flown in under the radar for me yet `Heroes On Tour’ is the perfect compilation of what makes Sabaton such a glorious live band. The only issue here is you can’t match the songs to the video, yet lucky for you lot there’s a DVD coming too. So you can see the fire, the camouflage jeans and I’m guessing a bunch of tanks on stage. 

8/10- Perfect for any self respecting Sabaton Fanatic.

Stand out tracks: 
`Carolus Rex’, `Resist and Bite’ and `Metal Crue’ 

Track Listing: 
1. The March To War
2. Ghost Division
3. To Hell and Back
4. Carolus Rex
5. No Bullets Fly
6. Resist and Bite
7. Far From The Fame
8. Panzerkampf
9. Gott mit uns
10. The Art of War
11. Solider of 3 Armies
12. Swedish Pagans
13. Screaming Eagles
14. Night Witches
15. Primo Victoria
16. Metal Crue

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