Monday, 8 February 2016

The White Buffalo Gig Review 30/01/16 Cargo London

Photo Credit: ChelEshvaNegus

A cold January evening in central London, well just off Old Street to be precise, lies `Cargo’ and hidden within its walls hides a petite venue and tonight’s entertainment comes from The White Buffalo (aka Jake Smith). Now, if you aren’t aware of this guy check out `Come Join The Murder’ which was used in a little known TV series `Sons Of Anarchy’.

Having only announced the gig a short while ago, the pull was clearly evident with the room filled to the brim with a large amount of lumberjack shirts and beards. After a short delay, The White Buffalo approached the stage, armed only with his acoustic guitar and boy does he get a roaring ovation. Now, usually Jake is flanked with extra members that make up The White Buffalo but tonight it’s simply his solo show and boy does he kill it. 

Now, I’m more perhaps used to seeing a crowd swarm like locusts but tonight and perhaps it’s the cold weather but most are rigid and unfortunately no hootenannies took place. Anyway, let’s get out of the barn dancing and onto Jake. His ability to capture and draw in the audience is incredible; his voice just takes hold of the room. Soulful and hypnotic with a gravelly tone that will win over any ladies or gentleman’s heart, his set list was perfect and chock full of TWB classics and newbie’s from his album `Love And The Death Of Damnation’ which all went down so well with the London crowd. 

Setting the night off with `Into The Sun’ through to `I Got You’ and `Pilot’, tonight’s set clocks in at just shy of an hour but the Shoreditch crowd are really treated to Jake at his best. His voice is incredibly powerful from start to finish and just improves as the hour progresses. The crowd albeit it still reeling from the cold temperatures really picks up pace and are uplifting the evening and singing along, even urging Jake to take to the stage for a 2 song encore which is certainly a great sight and throughout he’s wide eyed smile never falters. 

The White Buffalo is hopefully set to have a huge year and judging by this performance if you get the opportunity to go see him you will not be disappointed. The next date on his UK adventure will be at The Ramblin Man Fair in July and if your there, you need to go see this dude and his band. Without doubt Jake Smith is a rising star in the UK and one that will prove to be a heavy hitter.

9/10- Jake Smith rocking Shoreditch, Ramblin Man Fair will be waiting.

Set List:
Into The Sun
Dark Days
Don't You Want It
I Got You
Oh Darlin’
Last Call To Heaven
Joe And Jolene 
Love Song #1
Go The Distance
The Whistler
Wish It Was True
Highwayman by Jimmy Webb

Photographs credited to Chel Eshva Negus:

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Photo Credit: ChelEshvaNegus