Saturday, 12 December 2015

KORPIKLAANI Announce Co-Headline Tour With Moonsorrow

The Finnish Folk Metal Mafia are very pleased to announce that Korpiklaani and Moonsorrow will be embarking on a co-headline tour this coming April 2016.

These two powerhouses of the Finnish Folk Metal scene have once again joined forces for what promises to be an immensely entertaining evening.

Korpiklaani front man Jonne Järvelä said regarding the tour announcement:
“I am so looking forward to playing with our fellow FFMM brothers, who for us are the most respected band in this genre of ours. This is a perfect combination of Finnish music and culture.”

Korpiklaani fiddle played Tuomas Rounakari added:
“Exactly, Moonsorrow bring the serious side of our culture and we bring in the balance by adding the festivity of midsummer nights.”

The tour which will take the bands though 7 different European countries, hits the UK on 20th April at the O2 Islington Academy, London – culminating on 28th April at 1865 in Southampton.
This is a tour not to be missed!

You can catch Korpiklaani & Moonsorrow at the following UK & Ireland shows:

The foundation of Korpiklaani occurred in 2003 in Lahti, Finland – and no-one could have foreseen that such a large audience would be interested in Finnish and English mythological texts. Their debut album ‘Spirit Of The Forest’ was released 2003, and since then Korpiklaani have forged their own path and established their own incredibly distinctive style.

Whether you take their early works such as ‘Voice Of Wilderness’ (2005), ‘Tales Along This Road’ (2006) and ‘Tervaskanto’ (2007) or the Nuclear Blast era – namely ‘Korven Kuningas’(2008), ‘Karkelo’ (2009), ‘Ukon Wacka’ (2011) and ‘Manala’ (2012) – you can conclude that not many metal bands have the same impressive longevity, such a hugely passionate fan base and the unstoppable ability to get people dancing at a show or festival!

Korpiklaani’s latest and ninth studio album ‘Noita’ was released in 2015 via Nuclear Blast to widespread critical acclaim.
It was the first album to feature new accordion player Sami Perttula, who has had a remarkable influence on the traditional folk arrangements along with Fiddler Tuomas Rounakari. This helped create the perfect balance between Folk and Metal apparent on the album, as frontman Jonne Järvelä had always envisioned.

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