Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Whitechapel `Brotherhood Of The Blade’ Live DVD Review

Whitechapel, is place for anyone living in the UK, it’s a district in London synonymous for the gruesome `Jack The Ripper’ murders of the late 1880’s, it’s also lends itself to the name of the death-core Metal band Whitechapel from Knoxville Tennessee. 

For 9 years, they have amassed frequent air miles and so a documentary would be pretty inevitable, all hail `Brotherhood Of The Blade’ an hour longish jump into the lives of the Whitechapel lads as they trot the globe. It’s definitely a pretty standard documentary piece, running through each band member and their role within the band. The documentary takes you on Whitechapel’s journey skimming the surface of what a band must do to survive and prosper in the digital age. 

You always get some interesting oddities on a documentary of this nature; take Phil’s love of Alex Wade’s pot belly or days off going to the beach or bowling amongst other extra curricula whilst on tour.

Importantly and a common thread if you have sat through several band documentaries is that of the pro’s and con’s sections of touring and being in band, from the good to the bad to the downright ugly you really feel that most bands have common loves and hates of the road. 

Whitechapel perfectly showcase a tiny part of the modern world of music, hard relentless touring that yes has its amazing moments but also has its grinding days, but ultimately they do it for the love of the music and love of connecting. 

There’s also a live show to wet your appetite, which was recorded from the band’s home town show in Knoxville Tennessee. If you know Whitechapel, you’ll know exactly what to expect, hard hitting and fast paced guitars and relentless drumming. You see what a commanding front man Phil is despite as the band say his smaller stature, he belts out the tracks with the heart of a lion. 

What is particularly great with Whitechapel is their ability to add in melody to a track that seemingly would be impossible for anyone outside of the death metal world, take `Our Endless War’ it combines that melody during the chorus that utlizies a great hook and heavy riffing. 

8/10- Jack The Ripper wouldn’t want to approach a Whitechapel mosh pit

Stand Out Tracks:
`This Is Exile’, `Worship The Digital Age’ and `The Saw Is The Law’.

Track Listing:
1. Rise
2. Our Endless War
3. Section 8
4. Faces
5. I, Dementia
6. Possession
7. Prostatic Fluid Asphyxiation
8. Vicer Exciser
9. Mono
10. Worship The Digital Age
11. The Saw Is The Law
12. Possibilities Of An Impossible Existence
13. This Is Exile (Bonus)- CD Only 

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