Monday, 9 November 2015

Al B Damned 'For Old Times Stake' Album Review By 'The Mistress Of Metal'

'For Old Times Stake' is a thirteen track love-death-horror-rock extravaganza! The album is Al B Damned's second full album release, since singer/songwriter Al B Damned (Joey Draper) first released his album 'The Darker Side Of Me'in 2010. After Al B Damned toured 'The Darker Side Of Me'and released the E.P 'The Seven E.P' Al B Damned crept back into his grave to reflect on what he had unleashed upon the Earth before Pip 'Sickness' dug him back up to resurrect Al B Damned and to get back into the lab. 

To create another monster of an album with 'For Old Times Stake' The poetically beautiful keys that lead the listener into their ghost ride through AL B Damned's fantasy psyche soon realize that the psychotic blends seamlessly and fluidly with the romantic. As the opening track 'Good To Be Bad' lyrics 'You think I'm evil, think I'm sick, think I'm oh so mad, but it's just good to be bad.' sets the tone for your trip. From romantic to sadistic. From punk rock to horror rock. The album's track 'Creeping Beauty (Part Two)' seizes the listener straight by their heart strings as the memorable lines 'If I can't have your heart then no one will. I'll keep it in a jar on my windowsill. 

I'll keep it alive until the day you fall in love with me again.' bleed from Joey's heart. And that is precisely where Al B damned have their fans. Their heart strings being pulled and played with each song by horror rock master puppeteers. From the romantic to the horrific. From the sexy vampiric 'Drink The Blood' to the scary matricide-homicide 'Mommy'. All the way to Outer Space with the heartrending 'Life In Space' Taking the listener to another place entirely. Away from the Earth's dirt and rock to a beautiful glittering soundscape in Space. 

Never shy to visit the romantic nor the beautiful Al B Damned makes you want to kiss, fall in love, dance, and die beautifully held in their embrace. Making even death sound pretty is what Joey does with every breath and lyric. Making the horrific beautiful. 

The band are currently on tour with The Other

Album Rating 10/10

Song Listing 
Creeping Beauty
Never Sleep Again
 Good To Be Bad 
Drink The Blood
 Scream Come True 
Look Who's Stalking 
Home Is Where The Haunt Is
 Life In Space
Never Sleep Again
 Life In Space 
End Of The Line 
Creeping Beauty (Part Two) 
You Are What We Eat
Special guest solo's by James McIlroy

CD Bonus Tracks
 Re-Animate My Life (acoustic) Dead Girls (remake) 
Digital Download Bonus Tracks 
Possessed (acoustic) Chopping Mall (remake) 

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