Friday, 30 October 2015

Skindred `Volume’ Album review

17 years in the making, well ok not in terms of the recording and writing of `Volume’ but Skindred are showing off a new documentary `Rude Boys For Life’ documentary to showcase their 17 year journey. Yet thinking of each album, it has taken 17 years for Skindred to reach 
`Volume’ and all of the experiences and creativity has gone into it. 

Known for a metal heavy reggae sound, the lads from Wales bring it on `Volume’, certainly a darker tale than what might be expected from the outfit it nevertheless has that recognisable Skindred bravado and bounce.

Opening the album with `Under Attack’ is quintessential Skindred, a big catchy sing along chorus and a heavy driving beat, it’s the perfect start and will definitely be a live staple for years to come and is sure to get the party flowing. 

The second track `Volume’ just keeps adding to the big hooks, Skindred’s ability to challenge the line of bringing in new elements to Metal not only with their huge sing along choruses but their ability to add in electronic samples and noises just adds another flavour to the palate. 

`Sound The Siren’ is a superb example of how the band manages to blend together the unique concoction of Benji’s heavy reggae vocals, heavily distorted guitars and electronic sounds and whistles in the right places to make `Sound The Siren’ a dark and atmospheric track. 

The last track on the album is a strange one, entitled `3 words', begins with Benji singing and a heavy beat enters around the minute mark, yet that all ends at about 4 minutes in and then silence for almost 8 minutes, when Benji’s voice reappears asking if you follow him in various ways including Twitter, to the Moon and to the pub.

Personally, I’ve never really gone through a Skindred album in its entirety but as a live entity the band are unique, their ability to jumpstart a crowd is impossible to deny. `Volume’ certainly has all the elements of Skindred yet it still feels that there’s something missing, perhaps it’s a couple more songs that jump out of the box or that 14 songs is too much and it should be shorter snappier album, would have been more apt for such a memorable outfit. All in it’s still a fun album, complete with electronic bells and whistles, heavy reggae, heavy guitars and that Skindred bounce. 

8/10- Skindred 17 years in and still sounding big, catchy and darn fun.

Stand out tracks:
`Under Attack’, `Volume’ and `Sound The Siren’ 

Track listing:
1. Under Attack
2. Volume
3. Hit The Ground
4. Shut Ya Mouth
5. I
6. The Healing
7. Sound The Siren
8. Saying It Now
9. II
10. Straight Jacket
11. III
12. No Justice
13. Stand Up
14. 3 Words

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