Friday, 16 October 2015

Resin `Persecution Complex’ EP Review

In the modern musical landscape, bands can device you as to their place of origin and certainly in the case for `Resin’ you’d definitely be surprised to know that they did not form in the early 90 Seattle during the height of the grunge era but Leicester of all places. 

Here are 3 tracks which are pretty decent, borrowing a shit tonne from Pearl Jam and a whole host grunge acts mixed in with a smattering of doom metal. 

Listening in to the first track `Angel’, it that musical nod to grimy, sludgy doom metal that borrows from rich tapestry of Southern America with New Orleans based bands like Down, Crowbar and EyeHateGod being distinctly audible. 

Yet, it’s the second track `Open Heart Trauma’ that really pushes where this band seem to thrive sonically with an almighty tip to the early 90’s explosion of grunge rock with Pearl Jam being one particular influence that can easily be picked out particularly within the riffs and laid back drumming. 

EP’s nowadays are a dime a dozen and every Tom, Dick or Harry can sit in their bedroom and make an EP with all bells and whistles but as is the case with most EP’s it lacks heart and that quintessential magic that music is meant to have when not over produced. 

However in Resin’s case it’s got something to it and if you want Pearl Jam mixed with Down and Crowbar mixed in Leicester blender then I would recommend this EP and `Resin’. 

8/10- Three tracks, boom. 

Stand Out Track:
`Open Heart Trauma’

Track Listing: 
Open Heart Trauma
Printing Money

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