Friday, 24 July 2015

Thundermother - New Album "Road Fever" Out In September

Thundermother started the summer 2010 when the guitarist and southern swede Filippa Nässil wanted to play Rock'N'Roll. So with dreams and visions along with the song "Shoot to Kill" humming in her head she started Thundermother. She moved to Stockholm to pursue her dream.

She found her first partner in crime, guitarist Giorgia Carteri in Stockholm who also followed her own dreams of playing music, coming all the way from Italy.
After numerous ordeals with other musicians they have finally found the right group of people with right motives and Rock'N'Roll in their heart. Tilda Stenqvist on drums, Linda Ström at the bass and the singer Clare Cunningham born and raised in Ireland.

They're having fun and it's noticeable on-stage. Pure enjoyment and Rock'N'Roll deep from their bones. Hardrock-girls from around the world now united to do one sole thing, to play together and travel on the roads.
These hard rock chicks will blow your head off! The quintet have toured throughout Europe, gaining compliments and admiration from big artists and bands such as Motörhead, In Flames, Zakk Wylde, Danko Jones, Opeth, Airbourne and many more.

Previous gigs include Close-Up Boat, Metaltown, Sweden Rock Festival, Musikhjälpen (Music Aid) on the national swedish TV and Radio, support act for Danko Jones and Michael Monroe to name but a few. They have conquered the whole of Sweden with their AC/DC influenced sound. Next step - THE WORLD! Crashing in at No 2 in 2014 with the first album "Rock 'n' Roll Disaster" in the swedish hard rock charts these girls are set for No 1 soon!

"Road fever" is the name of the second album and according to the band is the best they ever done! The quintet headed into the studio this May where they finished the rest of the album. With a previous session of 5 songs recorded in Lemon Recording Studio in Klippan (South Sweden) with Martin Ekelund, the next 5-6 songs were recorded in non other than Cobra Studios Stockholm with main engineer Martin Ehrencrona and with band's guitarist Filippa Nässil at the producing wheel.

The vibe of the studio suited these ladies just great with it's pure 70s rock'n'roll analogue sound and original gear.
"Road Fever" certainly brings a more driven retro sound. Fans of "Rock'N'Roll Disaster" or new comers to Thundermother will be pleasantly awakened with this fresh, raw and beastly retro record. Out september 4TH.