Friday, 31 July 2015

FOR TODAY sign with Nuclear Blast

For Today are pleased to announce they have signed a brand new record deal with Nuclear Blast Records. The label will release the incendiary metal band's next album internationally. More details on the album and the band's autumn plans will be revealed shortly.

For now both band and label are celebrating their new partnership!

Markus Staiger, owner of Nuclear Blast said of the signing;
"I am very happy to work with one of my absolute favourite American bands, For Today. This band is unique in their mission, style and message. They have delivered a killer album and it is such an amazing opportunity to sign For Today to Nuclear Blast during this time," 

Even in the face of seemingly impossible odds, there’s always a way to muster enough strength to soldier on and cross the finish line victoriously. That goes for all facets of life and if you’re willing to disregard the naysayers, forget the doubters, and defy the odds, you can accomplish anything. The story of Sioux City, IA hardcore and metal outfit For Today remains one of triumph and everything about their rise has been special. Emerging in an era where pop culture is dominated by vacuous personalities with little of substance to convey, when ‘scene’ bands often concern themselves more with clever marketing strategies than the urgent issues of our times, For Today stand decidedly apart.

For Today were founded in 2005, releasing their first studio album ‘Ekklesia’ in 2008. They have now released five studio albums to date and are currently working on their sixth endeavour.
Their success has come down to the quintet’s constant perseverance and doing things in a D.I.Y fashion – playing music for the sake of playing music and pursuing their dreams in spite of all challenges. For Today have built up an overwhelmingly supportive following around the world with skills honed on the Vans Warped Tour and on countless tours across five continents alongside contemporaries such as Asking Alexandria, Devil Wears Prada, Texas In July and Throwdown.