Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Dragonforce In The Line Of Fire Review

To the Guitar Hero generation, `Through The Fire and Flames’ on expert was a key part of life. To master those crappy little plastic coloured buttons seemed to be what kids wanted to do but ask them to play a real guitar they would have turned their nose up at you. Yet to some, show them the actual Dragonforce playing for real and they realise just how much cooler it is to play real guitar especially if you can get hold of a live DVD.

`In The Line Of Fire’ is Dragonforce’s first foray into the live DVD world, which is certainly very strange as they’ve been since the turn of the millennium and if they were a human entity at 16 now they can legally marry, drive a moped or join the armed forces, so that’s some interesting little tit bits out of the way. 

`In The Line Of Fire’ is your standard Live Music extravaganza, that intercuts the songs with footage of the band’s road in Japan and the subsequent concert footage filmed at `Loud Park’ in Japan, it’s amazing to see and especially hear when Marc gets the crowd to sing back and they do it with a perfect harmony that’s incredible to hear. 

When you watch a Dragonforce show, it’s hard to not be impressed by the sheer quality that’s on show, from Herman and Sam whizzing on the fret board to Marc belting out the tunes, which sound fantastic although at times he sounds a little off with the older songs when the notes that should be sung can only be registered by Dogs or sung by Mariah Carey but fair play he holds his own and commands the stage with front man approach. 

Dragonforce could have started a new genre of metal altogether, Happy Metal. Listening to these boys just makes you feel good and enjoy the music. Turn it up loud and hell even your mum might enjoy Dragonforce classics like `Fury Of The Storm’, `Through The Fire and Flames’ and even the enjoyable rendition of Johnny Cash song `Ring Of Fire’ may go down a treat with her. As mentioned the DVD is intercut with footage from the Japanese tour, so you get to check out a little morsel of what a band goes through on tour everyday from interviews to endless airports and backstage areas. 

8.5/10-`In The Line Of Fire’ is the DVD that every Dragonforce fan should pick up. 

Track Listing:
Fury Of The Storm
Three Hammers
Black Winter Night
Tomorrow’s Kings
Symphony Of The Night
Cry Thunder
Ring Of Fire
Through The Fire And Flames
Valley Of The Damned