Saturday, 11 July 2015

Death Angel A Thrashumentary Documentary Review

The youngest thrash band ever... Once upon a time when thrash metal was just a newly born infant, a group of youngsters well around the age of 15 and all cousins started Death Angel and proved to all those more established in age just how to create epic thrash metal. 

Jump forward 30 years and Death Angel are probably just as a strong if not stronger than their inception, yet what they have gone through defies belief, member changes, the hardships of simply being in a band and career threatening accidents. Death Angel have been there, done it and got the blood stained t-shirt to match and this documentary `A Thrashumentary’ tells it all. 

At 2 hours and 30 minutes long, it’s certainly a big one to get through in one sitting but certainly what you are getting in that two and half hours is Death Angels history, yes it follows what a lot of band documentaries have in the past, you’ll get the history of the band, hilarious moments on tour and making of the last record. 

Yes, A Thrashumentary ticks all of those boxes and more some, you get to see a band that’s been on the edge of what could have been. 

Throughout the DVD, you get given insights into just what it takes to maintain a band in this day and age, and frankly it’s fucking hard. Through the line up changes, the horrific bus accident that pretty much derailed the band to the reformation and stories of debauchery on tour well drinking tales with Exodus. What is vital to understanding Death Angel is from the accolades given by other musicians, from Chris Alder and Randy Blythe of Lamb Of God, to Soilwork and Chuck Billy of Testament, they all show their appreciation and admiration of a band that they quite simply put it as among the innovators of Thrash Metal.

Death Angel, innovators of the thrash scene but never given the accolade or popularity that other bands have, I mean just look at the Big 4, Metallica have become a household name and quite frankly your mum would be afraid for you to go to a Slayer gig but unfortunately and for whatever reason Death Angel have not matched up to what others have gained and unfortunately as you will see in this documentary, they’ve worked bloody hard for it. 

9/10- A superb documentary and one for any Death Angel or Thrash fan to go and pick up and learn that age simply doesn’t matter in making great music.

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