Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Sylosis- Dormant Heart Album Review

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? Metal bands have proven this throughout the 50 year history that accidents and tragic deaths rarely stop the juggernaut and the train keeps rolling, Metallica, Slayer and Slipknot have all had tragic incidents but have kept that train hurtling along. Sylosis was almost stopped in its tracks when they survived a bus crash on a US tour with Devildriver and Trivium, yet the Metal Gods were smiling on them to survive another day. 

They are back with a vengeance on their new album `Dormant Heart’, Josh and Co have really pushed the boat out on this one. 12 tracks of sheer Metal prowess all built primarily for the mosh pit; with Josh unleashing a plethora of riffs and solos that would and can stand up to any of their influences work any day of the week. Josh’s vocals have taken on a bit of a Matt Heafy tone and with his solo work in `Servitude’ is beyond impressive with him twiddling all over the shop but none of it is ever too much nor is it boring or repetitive you feel that he has taken his time to make each one different. 

The real money maker on this one is the last track, `Quiesant’ this 9 minute epic is truly that, dark, atmospheric clean guitars and clean vocals are very haunting giving the track an edge that Metallica gave to `Fade To Black’ or Pantera gave to their `Planet Caravan’ cover. 

This is British Metal for 2015, clinical, technical and ruthless. Josh and co are still around 30, after listening to the first release of 2015 it certainly bodes well for the rest of the year especially for a resurgence in British Metal.

Stand out tracks:

`Overthrown’, `Servitude’ and `Quiesant’. 

Track Listing:

1. Where The Wolves Come To Die

2. Victims and Pawns

3. Dormant Heart

4. Build A Tomb

5. Overthrown

6. Leech

7. Servitude

8. Indoctrinated

9. Harm

10. Mercy

11. Callous Souls

12. Quiescent

9/10- A great start to 2015 for the British boys.